Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unplanned Meeting

Do you sometimes wonder if you were put in the right place at the right time for a reason? Of course you were! God knew He was going to put you there at that exact moment. Sometimes we know why we were put there and other times we don't. Then there are the times when we *think* we know why but then it's not until years later that we REALLY know why we were put there.

Thursday night, youth group night, was one of those moments.

I was sitting at check-in like I always do, and a mother of one of the girls that was visiting for the 2nd time came over to the table. She quietly said, "Who do I need to let know about my daughter's medical problem?" .... "Medical problem?" ....I explained to her that she could let me know and I could let her group leader know. "Ok, she's a Type 1 diabetic and she has an insulin pump." For a split second, my breath left my body!!!! "WOWWWW! I just happen to be the Mom of a T1 too!" "Thats awesome! She's in 8th grade" ...."O-my-goodness! She will be in MY youth girls group too since we have 8th-9th grade girls."

Our conversation seemed to rattle on and youth group was starting so we had to cut it short but there was soooooo much left to say! I was on cloud 9 and couldn't wait to introduce her to Kacey. I do have a confession the preaching went on....all I could think about was connecting with this family. She's only been on a pump for 6 months. They had questions. The Mom wanted that connection and we probably could have talked for hours.

After youth group was over, I met with her Mom. We exchanged numbers. We exchanged some brief stories. The girls shared pumps. It was a REALLY neat moment.

As we drove home, Kacey rattled off about how cool it was to have someone else in youth group with diabetes. She doesn't even have that connection at school because the other 2 boys there are 7th grade, both on shots, no CGM and could care less that she wants to discuss diabetes. So it was fun to have someone so close to share this with.

Unplanned on my calendar but perfectly planned on God's calendar.

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Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

oh Jill I am so excited for you both!! This is awesome!! YEA