Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outta The Loop

I am so out of the loop on here! I took a much needed blog break. After being discouraged about my writing openly, it sorta got me all whacked out and I gave it up for a bit. I still don't think I've found myself totally but I'm sure I will be back to writing soon. I have so much to tell everyone and please forgive me for not keeping up with what everyone is doing. When you have so much going on in daily life, it's hard to find your way here to spill your guts in fear that someone is going to read it and take it the wrong way.

So where have we been and whats been going on?

Well...for starters...I got NOWHERE with my meeting with the principal. Nothing was done. Nothing was said. My emails were never returned. So basically Kayleigh wasted 2 years in a class that she didn't learn what she was supposed to. She passed the ProStart exam with a 75 (whoop-dee-do!) honor student with a 3.8 GPA passed that exam by the skin of her teeth. So my next step? I started drafting my letter to the Superintendant so we will see what happens. I'm sure there is nothing they can do now but if I can pave the way for the kids behind her then I want everyone to know it! I can't go into all the details on here since my blog seems to be a good read for some people that like to stir crap but I can say....I'm NOT done saying what I have to say!

Kacey passed 5th grade with HONOR ROLL. Kayleigh passed 11th grade with HONOR ROLL and has a 3.8 GPA. I must be doing something right! ;) They were both counting the days til the last day of school. When the last day arrived, we had Kacey's graduation and it was quite an emotional day. More emotional that I thought it would be. We were having to say goodbye to complete comfort over the last 12 years. Kayleigh started that school in 1999 as a Kindergartener. When she graduated to middle school, Kacey started Kindergarten. So we were there all those years....same principal....same teachers....same nurse since diagnosis...same office staff....complete security. Now what? We're leaving to head to a new school full of teachers we are not going to know. A few months ago, the middle school Kacey was due to go to was damaged by a tornado and now they are not expecting the school to be done for 2-4 years. This means she will spend middle school years in a school that is about 25 minutes away. When she was diagnosed, I spent every day at her school volunteering my time and then eventually subbing on days I was asked to. I'd gotten to a point that I could leave the school and I knew she was going to be taken care of and now I feel like I'm starting all over. We're walking into a school where we don't know the principal, the teachers, the staff and they don't know who Kacey is. That is very scary as a parent! I haven't even met the nurse yet! At her old school, everyone knew us, everyone knew Kacey and most of the staff knew about her diabetes and her pump. I do have this weird sense that everything will be fine. She's pretty independant with her care and she'd only need someone if she was low or had a pump or site malfunction. BUT...that doesn't stop me from having that mother hen feeling of wanting to be close. So it looks like I might start subbing there and this means networking and getting my foot back in the door so they know my face and know my name so I guess I will spend more time volunteering again!

On a bit of a sad note, the bakery that Kayleigh was lined up to work at decided to close it's doors the week before she got out of school. She was really sad at first but she's looking at it as a door that God closed so another can be opened. It just wasn't the right time for her yet. She's taking time to enjoy her summer after all the drama at the school.

As for the fun stuff...we got a new pool so we've spent loads of time out there. We've been spending time at the library for Kacey since she's become quite a bookworm.

And then there is Kacey....
I've been struggling some with her. She's starting this phase in her life where diabetes isn't what she eat, sleeps and breathes anymore. She still tests several times a day but if the number is high she just shrugs her shoulders, corrects and moves on. Theres no whining and stewing over it. She doesn't sit and find diabetes related things to talk about in her conversations anymore either. She's had a couple lows lately but nothing we didn't see coming on with Dexcom. She started going to Youth group at church with Kayleigh and I was a bit worried when she first started because she didn't want to tell anyone about her diabetes. She just wanted to be "Kacey"...not "That girl with the pump" I spoke with the new Youth pastor and his wife (who both happen to be awesome) and they didn't have a problem with her staying. The first day I hung out in the parking lot. The next week, we had dinner before she went and then we checked Dexcom to make sure she was all set and she was gone! She loves Thursdays so much and she likes that freedom to be someplace where only the adults know her condition. There are only a few older kids that are aware that she even has a pump so she's been able to get to know people without them knowing about her pump first. I knew at some point this would come, I just didn't know it would come so soon but in a way I think it's neat. She's made the decision to let only the people she wants to know about her diabetes. After all, middle school is coming fast and thats where the "identity crisis" happens, right? LOL! They struggle to find who they are and start thinking about who they want to be. So it's a bit weird not blogging about diabetes drama but I guess it's good to say...there just isn't any. This doesn't mean she doesn't want to raise just means that she doesn't make it the first thing she thinks about anymore. Overall, she's still doing a great job even though her A1c might be on the higher side. She's preteen and pubery...I can only hope for so much, huh? Is that bad?

Now that I've updated a bit, I don't expect to be here regularly for a bit. Please forgive me for not keeping up and being out of the loop but I have to take some time and refocus. I will update as I can!

Love to you all!