Saturday, November 12, 2011


Did you hear that sound? Shhhhhh! Quiet! Listen....

*ping* *ping*
*Ping Ping*
Yep thats such a sweet sound rolling off my lips. It's the sound of the... PINK PING being stuffed into the box and shipped to our doorstep!!!

You all will probably NEVER believe the way things unfolded but I have to tell you all what happened.

I blogged about the pump yesterday. I blogged about faith. I closed my computer and I prayed about it. Yep, I've prayed about it alot lately but yesterday was a little more heart wrenching. As I sat in prayer, I asked God to please make things financially able for us to make this happen for Kacey. I put my computer away and went to pick the girls up from school. As we arrived home, my cell phone rang. Normally I wouldn't answer an unfamiliar number but I accidently clicked answer instead of ignore.

"Hi can I speak to one of the parents of Kacey"
"This is Jill"
"Hi this is XXXX from Animas and I just wanted to go over your benefits with you."
***holds breath** (insert the sound of my guts swirling because I'm about to find out how bad this is gonna sting)

So the nice rep goes on to explain
"You have a $500 deductible before the insurance will pick up the 80/20% and you've already met that deductible so that means you will be responsible for 20%."
"Ok so how much will that be?"
"Well the pump is $5075 and normally your responsiblity would be 20%...."
(before she went on I felt like I was gonna vomit)
"You have an out of pocket copay of $1000 and after that then it's covered 100%"
**I continued to listen**
"As of right now you have $898 toward that."
"So what does that mean?"
"Well that means that you've almost reached your max so you would only have to pay $102 for a new pump"

Ok so at this point I got completely choked up and I wanted so bad to tell this woman about answered prayers and all that but all I could do was cry! I composed myself and explained my excitement.

"I can make your excitement even better because we're going to give you a $700 credit for her Cozmo and there will be a $0 balance"
"Wait! So we can just pay $102 and we can KEEP her Cozmo?"
"Can I pay it NOW?!?!"

She giggles and said they would take a down payment and then bill me for the balance. I couldn't even begin to explain my joy. She was clearly excited for us as well.

"So how does Wednesday sound as a delivery day?"
"Ummmm as in NEXT Wednesday?"
"Yes NEXT Wednesday."
"Wowwwwww! Thats the day we go to the Endo so that would be great!"
"So how about Tuesday then? That way you will have it to take it with you. Just give them a call and let them know you're expecting the pump and they can set up training for you when you go."

Could this really be happening?!?! So we finished up our conversation and I hung up the phone and began to cry. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for answering our prayers! Thank you for making me strong enough to hold up!

I walked out into the living room and the girls were watching TV. I asked them to mute the TV because we needed to talk. I turned to Kacey and said "I just got off the phone with Animas." She had this worried look on her face. " does a delivery of NEXT Tuesday sound for a new pink Ping?" Her jaw dropped and she jumped off the couch and began crying. I tried to pry her away from me but she continued to cry. She was thrilled!

Can you believe the way things happened? Like I said....they happened the way God intended them to. So for that, I'm very greatful! Thanks again to everyone that kept us in their prayers. And Misty said....P is for PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

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Rachael said...

Great news! So very happy for you and your daughter!!!! although makes me sad at what our kids get excited over... stupid diabetes..