Monday, November 14, 2011

Faces Of Blue

Happy WOrld Diabetes Day!!

Today is the day we celebrate. A day to thank Fredrick Banting for his discovery of insulin. A day to be thankful for a drug that keeps my daughter alive. A day to wear BLUE to support Kacey on her journey with diabetes.

The 2am check brough is this...

Yeah thanks diabetes! We love you too! Now GO AWAY!

Today I'd like to share some faces that support us....not only today but EVERY day.

 A sign made for Kacey from Nae~Nae
 My best friend Jill and her son Trenton

 Kaceys friends~ Justin, Andrew, Trenton & Elaina

 My brother~ Kacey's Uncle Chuck
 Me, Kayleigh & Kacey
 Brian & Kacey
Kayleigh's best friend, Emily

HAPPY WORLD DIABETES DAY from all our faces of blue!!
(BTW, this isnt the greatest picture...Kacey had just woken up to find her Oscar fish dead...not a good way to start the day!)

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