Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You Dexcom!

Beep! Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Not again!
Kacey looked down at Daisy and it showed her at a 87 with double arrows down before bed. What does Goober say you are? She tested, "I'm a 76!" **crap!** How much insulin on board? "Ummm, it's not good Mom!" HOW MUCH? "I still have 5 units" **double crap!**  Within about 15 minutes, she dropped to a 46 and went into a panic.

She knew she had so much IOB and she was full from dinner. Juice, juice, granola bar, juice. She cried, she screamed she was going to throw up, but yet we made it through another nasty low. When she gets lows like this she completely shuts down and the juice makes her feel like she's going to throw up. She screams with stomach pains and several times before this one she has actually thrown up from the lows.

The waiting game.


It makes me nervous and has always made me nervous BUT thanks to Daisy, my nerves are not as bad as they used to be! As soon as I see that little arrow coming up, I'm able to breathe a little better. I don't have to stick her fingers every 20 minutes to make sure her blood sugar is climbing.

The downfall to these nasty lows....the highs that come from overcorrecting! I'm the first to admit that I get scared and end up overcorrecting her lows sometimes because I want her blood sugar to come up fast. The worst part...the highs wipe her out as bad as the lows do! She wakes up exhausted, cranky, grumpy and feeling like she's been beat with a bat. Her poor body takes a beating with these sugar swings. Daisy ends up looking like the Rocky Mountains or some wacky EKG. It's tough!

So hows does she handle it? LIKE A TROOPER! She got up this morning dragging butt, got dressed, ate breakfast, got her stuff ready for school, took a 30 minute power nap and went to school with a smile on her face! She's MY hero!! <3

Diabetes....you STINK! ;)


Lora said...

D does stink! I hate the lows at bedtime.

Meri said...

They are so resiliant! I'm in awe of their strength too!

Sandy said...

I am glad you like the CGM!!! I bet you feel a lot better seeing the trends! I know I do!

Melissa said...

You most probably have tried this but a DE gave me this hint. Adding glucose powder (Glucodin in Australia) to the juice or soda to reduce the volume needed to be consumed.

It might help a bit with the full problem.