Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Friends

Sometimes in life, some of our best friends are ones with 4 legs! In Kacey's case, this is so very true. Cricket has only been a part of our lives for a short time but she is everything we ever wanted for Kacey (and our family). We've had to learn her likes and dislikes, just as she has had to learn ours. When we got her, we didn't know much about her but over the last few weeks, we've learned so much!

Things Cricket has taught or shown us....or is it things we've taught her?

1. She doesn't bark...nope not one single bark but if she whines she is either thirsty or you better be heading to the front door to take her potty.

2. She doesn't like being in a room alone. She will follow us from room to room and lay down on the floor but she won't lay in a room alone unless she is home all by herself.

3. She loves potato chips! She hears the bag rustle and shes sitting right at your feet.

4. She won't leave Kacey's side when she's upset or her blood sugar is low. She will sit there and lay her head on Kacey until she knows that Kacey is okay.

5. She likes me, Frankie and Kayleigh...but she LOVES Kacey!

6. A $5 Busy Bone from Walmart will only keep her busy for 15 minutes and then it's GONE!

7. She loves frizbee and is her favorite but she doesn't care much for a tennis ball. She will fetch it if it's thrown but she loses interest in it fast.

8. When we first got her, we'd walk her on a leash to go potty but she earned our trust to be let off the leash to run around the yard and not go anywhere BUT pond BEWARE! She's wreaked havoc on my fish pond as she jumps in thinking it's a pool for her! She's even learned to turn and look to see if I'm watching before she jumps in now...LOL!

9. She has learned that when she comes in from going potty, she sits right on the rug at the front door and waits patiently for her treat. There have been a few times that I've forgotten and walked away and when I turned back she's still sitting there waiting with sad eyes. Yeah, I know they probably weren't sad eyes but I gave her 2 treats those times since she was such a good girl!

10. No matter how long you're gone from home....she WILL NOT potty in the house, chew anything, get into mischief or destroy a thing. She's AMAZING! There have been times we've come home and caught her laying in the bed with her head on the pillow like a person! Silly dog!

Who knew that having a 4 legged "person" in the house could bring so much joy? She's a great best friend, a fabulous ball player, wonderful company and such a blessing in our lives. We're so thankful for her! <3

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