Thursday, May 12, 2011


"Mom! This makes me so mad!", as I turned to see Kacey looking at this book at the register, I saw the frustration on her face. It's the frustration we deal with on a daily basis.

"Can she eat that?"
"She shouldn't be eating that cupcake!"
"Her sugar is high because she ate that cookie you gave her."
"She will outgrow it so for now just watch what she eats."

Most of the time we just ignore the comments and Kacey gives an occasional eye roll. But now what she's getting older, it's magazines like these that frustrate her. She stuffed it back on the shelf, let out a sigh and said, "If only they said "Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With Food". Yep! She's right! And WHY in the world would they show a picture of chocolate cake? Ummm...reverse diabetes with chocolate cake? Dang! We're all over that! Shape up in 20 minutes with chocolate cake? Yep! We're all over that too! And how about....Surprising Stress the chocolate cake and feel tons better but then feel guilty you ruined your diet. This is just ridiculous!

Prevention about adding in Type 2 diabetes and helping raise awareness of the difference between the two so that way my child doesn't have to deal with ignorant comments like those listed above. Thank you!

As it's been said daughter CAN eat those sweets because thanks to modern technology she is sporting a snazzy insulin pump and continual glucose monitor around her waist in that bright green belt!


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Jill, I definitely feel for your daughter's frustration. Type 2 diabetics are the one's that NEED to watch their sugar and carb intake. That's the way to reverse it for them. Eating chocolate cake definitely isn't going to do any good for their blood sugar levels.

Has your daughter ever thought about writing Prevention a letter? She'd be able to voice her frustration and also spread awareness to type 1.

k2 said...

Jill -

HUGS to you and Kacey!
Did you tell your Kacey that the DOC was up in arms over the whole "Reverse Diabetes" publication?

Even with careful control of diet, those with type 2 will always have to watch and live as if they have diabetes. According to Endo's, once a person has type 2 diabetes, they will always be treated as a person with diabetes, regardless of weight loss.

That magazine is perpetuating diabetes myths and stereotypes & spreading false home for thousands!
I will never buy Readers Digest or Prevention Mags again!
Hang in there guys!

Catherine said...

Hi! I just sent Prevention an email complaint! Thanks for letting us know.

:) Catherine (with Rasmus, 5-yr-old t1d)

Healthtec Software said...

That is a possibility surely.A regulated lifestyle and restricted food habits an keep the disease in control for sure.EMR

Sandy said...

I was in the doctors office with the hubby the other day and they had a tv...they had people on there talking about there diabetes (I forget now what they were saying cause I was annoyed) and of course it was all about type 2! Type 1 and 2 should be given differen names! They are different diseases!!