Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, Kacey developed a rash. At first it was on her back...kinda itchy...but she didn't say anymore. We went to church and after church we went to my Mom's for lunch. She took her sweater off and she was peppered in the rash. All over her arms. All down her back and belly. My first thought was...great...she's got Fifth's Disease now because she already had the fever and crap. As the evening progressed, so did the rash! It was AWFUL....and she was itching so bad that she was screaming out at me. I gave her Benedryl and rubbbed her down in Benedryl cream. She was STILL itching! Then I got a call to work at the school for 3 days straight and I told the secretary that I couldn't take it because of Kacey's rash. She went on to tell me that one of the other sub's just took her child to the doctor because they had the same rash thingy and it was STREP! Ughhhhhhhh! So I had no choice but to take her into Urgent Care this morning.

It's hard to really see the rash in this pic but thats what covered her whole upper body this morning. She was still itching and crying. They did a rapid strep test and that was negative (thank goodness) and the doc said that Fifths Disease is most common in children under 2 and she'd have a slapped cheek look. I knew that because Kayleigh had it as a toddler. He also said that once they get it then it's like Chicken Pox...they don't get it again. Well...WHAT is it then? It's hives! FROM WHAT?!?! He said because of the severity and how long it's lasted, he's almost certain it's something she ate. A food allergy?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?! How much more can we really take? UGH! So he went on to explain there is a 6-8 hour window after eating for her to break out and whatever she ate in that time needs to be logged and then if it happens again we have to do the same thing and find the common denominator. Great! Do you know how hard this is gonna be to narrow down? Yeah she's diabetic and we count the carbs in everything but he went on to explain that this could be something she eats regularly and then her body all of a sudden says, "Nope! I don't like this food now!" and breaks out in hives. It could also be stuff within the food...not the food what the food is made from. OMG!!! I felt my brain swelling! So he said what I need to do now is write down what she had to eat and the date. He's giving her a prescription for Prednisone and he wants her taking 2 Benedryl for now. Once we get the hives under control then we can focus on what it is. As she eats, he said if she develops the hives again then we need to journal it. What a pain in the rear end!

So now...I'm sitting in Starbucks with Kacey while we wait for her prescription to be filled. This is my favorite hangout :) and I have a favorite worker in here. Everytime we come in, the girls always watch for Bradley. He's such a neat guy and very friendly. He takes the time to ask how customers are feeling and you can tell he genuinly cares about the customers. Its nice to see this...not just with my family...but with every single person who orders here. So it wasn't unusual when he asked how we were doing and what we were up to today. Kacey told him she wasn't feeling well and we were waiting for her meds to be filled. So to "treat" her for all her itchyness, I ordered her what she loves most....a tall Vanilla Bean Frap :) She loves when Bradley makes it because it tastes "perfect". We ordered and we went to sit down. He personally made her drink and walked it out to her..... "Hey there! I made you a grande instead of a tall since you're not feeling good today." Ummmm....if you could have seen her eyeballs. She was SOOOOO excited!!! So today...we're gonna ignore that 440 blood sugar and she's drinking her Starbucks in heavenly bliss :) TAKE THAT diabetes! THANK YOU Bradley!!! YOU make Starbuck's a better place to be and you've made my baby girl's day :)


Deanna said...

UGH! I hope you're able to find the culprit soon and that Kacey gets some relief from that rash soon too!

Alexis Nicole said...

Hope it goes away soon and you figure out the cause! Xoxo

Rachael said...

I've had the SAME rash! The docs told me it was fifth's disease, but I have had it several times! They don't know what it is..... I know the frustration! Hang in there!

Oh PS! I have the same pink road ID band! You guys are so cool! :)

Jill said...

Thanks everyone!

Rachael~ The doc told me that 5ths disease was VERY uncommon with kids over 5 years old and if you got it once then it was like the chicken pox and you won't get it again. Kayleigh had it when she was a toddler and shes never gotten it again but I couldn't remember if Kacey ever had it or not? The doc said it was a classic case of severe hives. I figured he'd rule out 5ths disease immediately because she didn't have the slapped cheeks look on her face but I figured he'd tell me she was positive for strep and when you look at the rash online of what the strep rash looks like it resembles this! He said if it was strep rash then it would be sandpapery...not raised little whelps like this one. He said it was food because if it was something that came in contact with her skin then it would go away in a few hours with the first dose of Benedryl. What sucks most is everything she ate that 6 hours prior to the rash is stuff she normally eats. So now we have to figure out what her body doesn't like now :(

Road ID....LOVE it!!! :) This is her 2nd one. She had purple before this one. For $20 you can get 6 rows of info and I like her having our info right on her wrist in case :)

Meri said...

So sad! I hope you figure out what it is! And if you don't...I hope it never comes back!