Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Pump Pack

As many of you know, my Mom is always making Kacey those really cute pump packs and most of the time she LOVES to wear them but there are times when she wants to wear a cute outfit and the shirt is a little snug and it's hard to "conceal" her pump. Well....worry no more!

My Mom bought some swimsuit material and basically made her something like a tummytote! OMG! You would of thought we just gave her a million dollars! She put it on and immediately slipped Goober inside. PERFECT FIT! The real test was when she pulled her shirt down. This is one of her tighter shirts and it's still hard to tell she's got her pump on unless you're looking for it! She was so excited that she got tears in her eyes! But it was soooooo neat to see her beaming!'s the simple things :)



Rachael said...

I need to hook up with one of these! Love the pics! She is SO cute! :)

What a sweet Mom you have! Moms Rock!

Misty said...

Woo hoo for Sweet Moms!

Unknown said...

Love this! Glad that she is happy...I think that is the most important part in all of maintaining "normalcy" and happiness while trying to manage BGs.

(((HUGS))) Jill!!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cool, they are actually called "Pump bands" and you can get them at My daughter has been using them for years. khryn