Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank You Creative Memories

Thanks to Creative Memories because that is what I used to make my new blog header!

I got my Creative Memories digital software last year and ever since then I've been totally in love with it. I've found myself moving further and further away from paper scrapbooking. For those of you that are not familiar with it yet, I encourage you to take a peek at what they have to offer. I must say that I didn't want to wrap much money up in buying it for myself but it was a gift from my hubby since he knew how much I loved scrapbooking and being on the computer. The nicest part is once I finish the pages then it gives me the option to upload them right to Facebook! I've done several pages and I'm actually looking forward to taking a class with someone that can show me all the really cool features because I know I haven't even made a dent in what all it can do!

Oh yeah...and the best part....I OWN the header! I made the whole thing all by myself! The pic of the cupcake is from Creative Memories weekly freebies for the software. So just in case anyone out there wants to tell me they own that's mine...all mine....hahahaha! :)

I also used this same software to make Alexis a button for her blog too! So not only is it a digital scrapbooking's come in handy for quite a few things now! :)


Tracy said...

Love it!

Alexis Nicole said...

Its so cute!!!! And yes own it baby cause ppl are mean and will come after u! Lol

mine is almost done too! :)