Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Strep, Diabetes & Drivers Ed

WOW! What a combo that title is!

I took Kacey to the doctor yesterday morning and she's definately got strep throat. Her poor body is completely worn out. HOLY HIGH NUMBERS BATMAN! She's been hanging out in the 300-400 range for over 24 hours now. She's cried...she's whined...she's been irritable....and this strep is taking a toll on her body. She's not had much of an appetite and I even bought her some V-8 Fusion Light to help get some nutrition in her and build her immune system as much as I can. THIS SUCKS! Just sucks! Seeing her so tired like this gives me flashbacks to 2 years ago before diagnosis. She was so tired all the time and VERY whiney! So what's a Mom to do? Your child feels like crap and theres not a single thing you can do to help them feel better. I hate this helpless feeling! Not sure if she's going to make it back to school tomorrow. Hopefully she starts to feel better by the afternoon.

Last night was the mandatory Drivers Ed- Teen Safe Driving class. YOWSA! I'm certainly glad that only Kayleigh and I went. This was NOT something that smaller children should of seen. It was a presentation about safe driving and what COULD happen if you didn't wear your seat belt, you were speeding, you were drinking and driving or you were talking on a cell phone or texting while driving. YUK! I was doing ok until it got to a photo and the state trooper said, "This is what is left of his head." O-M-G! I turned to Kayleigh and she had a wide eyed look on her face. Yep, that was his brains. Ewwwwww! Thank goodness I didn't eat much for dinner! It was definately an eye-opener. Most of the pictures they showed were from local accidents. One of the accidents they showed wasjust 5 miles from our house and there were 5 kids in the car and 4 out of the 5 were killed. Kay has heard me talk about this accident but this was the first time we were seeing pictures from it. Also SO many things have changed since I took Drivers Ed. We did the class through school and then took the driving part right after we finished the class. Well, the VA laws have changed and when a teen gets their Learners Permit, they have to hold it for 9 months before they can take the Behind The Wheel part and it's $125 and taken AFTER school. During that 9 months, the parents are given a book (which we got last night) and it's a 45 hour training book. Its divided into sections and each section is a 2 hour session that should be broken into 4- 30min sessions of training. During these sessions, we are teaching our teen how to drive. YIKES!!! We have 9 months to complete it, then she takes Behind The Wheel with an instructor and then she's given a 180-day provisional license once she shows proof that she's taken the class at school, gone to the presentation we went to last night, completed the 45 hour book and passed the Behind The Wheel. During that 180 days, she still cannot have anyone under 18 in the car with her, she cant drive after 9pm (unless an adult is with her) and absolutely NO driving from 12am-4am. Once that 180 days is up, we will get a notice to appear in court and we have to go before a judge who then issues her a VA State Drivers License. AHHHHHHH!!! I'm REALLY not ready for this! After we left the presentation last night, it was silent in the car. She then spoke up and said, "I don't want J to pick me up and drive me to school now." (J is a friend of hers that got her license not long ago) and I asked her why. She went on to talk about how much that presentation really made her stop and think. YAYYYYY! There were over 100 people there last night and if they got through to just ONE student then they've accomplished something. They definately got through to my daughter! I take Kay to get her Learner's Permit on March 29th. I'll update more about that then.

Kay has a busy week this week. She's got 2 really big cakes going out on Saturday. One of them is a rainbow cake which I know is gonna be REALLY cool. It's a layer cake and each layer is a color of the rainbow. Then she's got a two tier baby shower cake to do. So watch for new pics of those! :)

I also just signed the final copy of her schedule for 11th grade. Yep, I cried again when I signed it. I just can't believe how fast these days are flying! This is what she is taking:

*English 11
*U.S. History
*Algebra 2
*Culinary 2

She's going to have a very full and busy schedule! Good news....No More Spanish!!! She's done her 3.5 years that she needs for her Advanced Diploma and so she's thrilled! She's done well with Spanish 3 this year and she's holding a solid B in that class. I'm very pleased to see that she pushed through it and made it.

More updates to come!

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Tracy said...

Sorry about the strep throat! I hope Kacey feels better soon!

I cannot even imagine my kids being old enough for drivers ed, or 11th grade! Time goes way too fast. :(