Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting To Know Me

Ok Shamae....I read your post so here goes....

1. I like to be in charge and organize events but I don't like to stand up and take the credit for it. I like being in the "behind the scenes" role because I don't do well with crowds and speaking in front of people.

2. Whenever we go out to eat, I can never have my back to the door. LOL! Guess I'm too nosey and I have to sit facing the people walking in.

3. I'm a nail biter...always have been and probably always will be. I don't bite them as bad as I did but I can't seem to let my nails go past my finger tips so that means I never have my nails painted (unless we're taking pictures for something) because they don't last.

4. I love coffee! When I stay at home, I drink the whole pot throughout the day and sometimes put on a fresh pot around 4pm and drink it before bed. I have to drink it with creamer and splenda. If I'm out of one or the other then I won't drink it.

5. I hate the smell of vanilla. Vanilla everything....room spray, candles, body spray, lotion and even the coffee creamer! Blech!

6. Over the last few months, I've developed a sensitivity to room sprays and body sprays. I can't be in the room when they are sprayed or shortly after because I start the "asthma cough" and just a month ago I had a full blown attack and had to puff my inhaler twice after my husband sprayed too much body spray when he got out of the shower.

7. I collect Willow Tree Angels. I have 13 of them now and each one has a special meaning and I know that meaning for every one of them :)

8. It took me over a year to accept that someone other than me was capable of caring for Kacey after her diagnosis. I'm a very protective Momma and I was wrestling with the fact that no one could take care of her like I do.

9. I sell AVON. I've been doing it for about 9 years now. After I quit my job teaching, I wanted something to occupy my time (yeah a new baby with colic and reflux wasnt enough...LOL) I've always worn their products and so I figured it would give me a discount on what I was wearing and also give me some extra spending money. I've thought about giving it up since sometimes it's a headache but my customers look forward to getting their books every 2 weeks so I keep it up.

10. I carry my camera everywhere! I'm always worried that I won't have it at one of those moments when I wish I had so I just make it a habit of tossing it in my purse. I've managed to catch some of those thankful moments over the years.

11. Yearbooks & School Pictures. It's something my Mom always made a priority in my life and I've carried on the same with my girls. I have all my yearbooks and still enjoy looking back at them and what was written. I also have an 8x10 of every single school picture from Pre-K-12th grade. My Mom put them in an album for me. I've done the same for my girls. I order the pack of pictures where I can get one 8x10 and they've both gotten a yearbook every year since they started Kindergarten.

12. My favorite candy is Ferrero Rocher and to this day my husband can go pick it out but he calls them "Fresha Rose-a" (long a sound...and the rest sounds like I spelled it) It's hilarious because he knows thats not what they are called but he can never remember the name of them.

13. My nickname is "Sunshine" and I've got a small collection of "Little Miss SUnshine" things. I've always loved that little yellow character! My Grandaddy gave me that nickname when I was a baby and he used to sing the "You Are My Sunshine" song to me. Another weird fact....my name came from a book called "Sunshine" My Mom was going to name me Kelly Jean until she read the book and the little girls name was Jill. She bought the book and gave it to me when I was old enough to read it and understand it.

14. I have 2 tattoos and ever since I took Kayleigh to get her belly button pierced in the same shop I got my tatts done in, I've been thinking about getting another one. Not sure what I want yet or where I wanna put it, but I've got the itch to get "inked" again!

15. I get my feelings hurt very easily and I take everything said to heart. I've always been a people pleaser and when things don't go the way I hope they would then I get bent out of shape. I also get very upset if I think I've hurt someone elses feelings and I feel that I have to apologize and try and make things better as fast as I can. LOL...bottom line....I don't like people being mad at me :)

16. I was driving with Kayleigh last weekend and had these vivid flashbacks. I remember my Mom at the same age that I am now. It was a scary moment because it doesn't seem that long ago since I was Kayleigh's age and I remember loving music and singing along to every song on the radio and my Mom just humming because she didn't know the words. Guess what? I was actually doing that when Kayleigh was belting out the words!!!!

17. I can't seem to accept the fact that I've got gray hair growing in. I put dye on it and within about 3 weeks, I've got more showing through. ***blush*** So I took the tweezers and pulled out 4 of them!!!

18. I miss my minivan. After having to deliver Kayleigh's cakes in a car last week, I've come to the conclusion that I NEED another van! I never thought I'd miss it this much but I do! We're hoping to run across a deal soon and get another one :)

19. Tonight I have to attend the Drivers Ed Safety class with Kayleigh. I can't believe this day has finally arrived and that in about 5 more weeks she will be getting her Learner's Permit. It scares me to think that in only 2 short years she will be graduating!

20. And last but not least....I'm a doodler! I like to draw silly pictures when I'm talking on the phone and if I've called a number out of the phone book then I doodle all over the page that I called from. I keep a notepad on my desk beside my keyboard that I write all over. Usually it's stars and flowers but sometimes I will write my name and draw out from it.

There ya go Shamae! LOL! Some weird and some normal ;) Anyone else reading this, I encourage you to take Shamae's challenge and blog your own "Get To Know Me" :) That was fun!


Tracy said...

That was fun to get to know you a little more Jill!

Thanks for sharing!

Meri said...

Hello!! That was a lot of great info! The secret is out...you are great!!

LaLa said...

OMG - we have so much in common!

1)ALWAYS have my camera
2)Never sit with my back to the door. It's an Italian mafia thing! :-)
3)Nail Biter
4)I love Willow Tree Angels too! I only have about 6 but I love, love, love them!
5)Major doodler!!

Oh yea and I will remember NO VANILLA body spray when I meet Jill.

Great list!!!!!

:) Tracie said...

All of us with our secret little tatoos!

Great stuff!

AjsMommy82 said...

I can't accept the fact that I have a few grey hairs either! ;)

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Don't pull out those gray hairs! Haven't you heard that for each one you pull out, you get three more?