Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Million Dollar Real Estate vs. The Farm

To anyone else, that title wouldn't mean anything but to us it has very special meaning.

Back when Kacey first started pumping, we used to refer to different site places as "real estate". I first heard it called that by Kerri and it was easier for Kacey to understand, "used" or "unused" real estate and where we were going to "build a new house". As time went on, Kacey started to adapt her own meaning of the site placement. Just a few weeks ago, Kacey started to call it "Million Dollar" real estate and "The Farm".

Million Dollar Real Estate~ Her tummy. Thats the "good" spots. It's also the tender spots and where she gets the best blood sugars. That's the expensive stuff ;)

The Farm~ Her back hips. When she needs to give her tummy a break, she likes to have her sites on that fatty part of her hip above her butt cheek. It doesn't hurt quite as bad but she doesn't get as good blood sugars for some reason.

Tonight was site change and because she's been using tons of insulin the last 48 hours, she was down to 7 units in her pump. Usually she has about 15-20 units when it's time to change. I was in washing dishes when she came in and said it was time for site change. I finished up what I was doing and I walked into the living room and she had all the supplies layed out. We have a system and I lay each supply in the same spot before I do anything and then I start the site change. She had it all layed in the right spot and she'd already taken her old site out. She said she was going to surprise me and fill the cartridge but she didn't know how many units to put in it because she's been using more than normal. All I could say was....W-O-W! She'd done all of this on her own and she was READY! This time a year ago, we'd already been to pump class and we were waiting on approval :) Amazing how far she's come in one year!

While I'm filling her cartridge, the first thing I always ask her is, "Are we putting it in Million Dollar real estate or are we going on The Farm?" This way I know how to prep everything. While I was filling her cartridge she piped up and said, "Mom, I think the Million Dollar real estate needs a break and I think we should go grazing out on The Farm." I thought I was gonna crack up laughing! We giggled and I told her that I thought grazing with the cows out there was a perfect idea ;) She then informed me that the Million Dollar real estate was getting crowded and there were too many houses she showed me all her "speckles". I put her new site in her hip and as I pulled out the needle, I moo'd like a cow. We both started giggling again and she said, "Yep! Those cows are happy cuz it didn't hurt!" Ahhhhhhhh! :) I love site changes like this. She's so funny sometimes and even though she's still not feeling 100%, she's still got her sense of humor!

She's finally fever free! Her throat is still a little sore but the white puss is gone and it's just really red. She's played this afternoon, which is always a good sign. So we're going to try going back to school tomorrow and see how it goes. Thanks for all the "get well" wishes :)

I don't think she will be going to school tomorrow. She just tested her blood sugar and her pump meter read BG OVER 500!!!! CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! It scared her so bad. She's gone into an emotional tailspin and was crying saying "I'll go back to Million Dollar real estate, I promise" We checked ketones and they are only trace so thats a good sign :( Dammit!!! I hate you Diabetes!


Nicole said...

I loved the post, it was going so well, I had a smile on my face feeling so happy for you and Kacey and then I read the end...POOP!!

Great beginning wonderful middle but you really need to work on that ending. I like happy endings!! lol

I hope you have a better ending tomorrow. suck it diabetes!!

Meri said...

What a great way to make site changes fun...or better anyway. You guys made it seem like a par-tay! Kacey is so much fun. :)

She, and you, should be so proud. She handles this with humor and grace. LOVE. HER!

Joanne said...

Awwwww, sorry she's still not feeling good. Love the story though, she is such a sweet kiddo!

Lora said...

I am with Nicole... That ending was no fun. Dang diabetes!!!

Wendy said...

That's so awesome...LOVE KACEY!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear the 500+ crept in. Hate. That.

But you rock ;) I remember when you guys were getting ready for the pump.

Look how far you've come. Sniff Sniff...y'all are growing up...

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Hi Jill,
I've been following your blog for a while now and thought I'd say hi. I love the way you write about your girls. I can tell that they're your pride and joy. Hope Kacey feels better soon!!!