Thursday, February 18, 2010

OVER 500!

"BG is over 500- Check Ketones"

That is the message that came up on "Herbie" last night around 8pm. It's a message that we've never had to deal with before and it really scared us. It took me about an hour to get Kacey to settle down. She kept crying and I couldn't understand why. Through her sniffles, she pleaded not to go back to PICU. Ohhhhh boy! She immediately associated that high with having to go back to the hospital. So I made her a deal *wink* and told her that she wouldn't have to go back to the ER unless she didn't drink water to flush those trace ketones. She immediately downed two bottles of water mixed with Crystal Light and we waited. About 30 min later, she'd dropped to a 451. As soon as she saw the number coming down, she let out a huge sigh and asked for more water. She sipped on another bottle and an hour later she'd dropped to a 355. Whew! She had a really bad headache so I made her a "bed" on the couch and let her go on to sleep there, where I could see her. By 9:30pm, she was down to a 292 and I gave her another correction. She was well on her way to coming back into range. Just another 140 points to go. I ended up dozing off and jumped to my feet when I heard the alarm go off. CRAP! It's 2am!!!!!! I rushed in to the living room and she was sleeping so sound. I ran my hand over her forehead and she was warm again. I didn't have my glasses on but when Herbie showed BG at a 74, I did a double take and then I thought I'd vomit! From over 500 down to a 74....WTF?!?! Talk about shouting "GOOD HELL!!" (thanks Wendy2) It's times like this that you wish you had that damn CGM. I wasn't sure which direction she was going so I gave her one glucose tab. Wait 15 min.... retest.... 97. Ok, so shes coming up but doesn't mean she's gonna stay up. Wait 15 more min....retest.... 114. Still having those pangs in my Mommy gut and couldn't go back to sleep all the way. Reset the alarm to 4am (just in case I doze) get up ....listen to Frankie mumble from the bedroom about "Kacey's poor fingers"...grumble back at him for being an ass at 4am....retest.... 127. I can lay back down. Reset the alarm for 6am...get up and retest... 173. Frankie is off work today and I had a sub job for 1/2 day so I went in to work and he kept her at home since her fever was 99.1...ughhhhhh! Now that means no school tomorrow either. THIS SUCKS!

While I was gone, Frankie made her test every hour...LOL!
8am- 225
9am- 334
10am- 415
11am- 258
12pm- 168
How's that for going to the moon and back? UGH! No wonder her head hurts! Mine hurts just thinking about it! I went on and emailed her CDE to see if she could help me any. I'm not sure what to adjust and how much because she's bouncing more than Tigger!

On a good note, her throat is feeling better ....LOL I did end on a good note this time ;)

Hopefully I will hear back from her CDE this afternoon!


Meri said...

Poor Girl! She has been through so much. Strep is a doozy though..we've ran that marathon before.

Hope she is better to enjoy the weekend!!!

Rachel said...

Sick days suck!!!!!! When Tristan is sick he will either ride high or low. If he's riding low, we can usually give him anything to eat and it doesn't affect his blood sugar.

Your CDE may actually do a temporary basal adjustment for a few hours to see if that can get the numbers back in check. We've had to do that with T before, worked pretty well. Good luck! :)

Jennie said...

Thinking of both of you today!Hoping her blood sugar levels out and that there will be sleep in your future! Crazy post, but you made me laugh a little too! (Hollering at your husband - Now I've never actually met you, but I could hear your voice say that. Too funny!)

meanderings said...

Poor Kacey - but even more so, poor you. Try and get some sleep.

Jill said...

Meri~ She has taken just as long to bounce back from this as she did when she got the flu! SUCKS!

Rachel~ They do!! I'm scared to set the temp basal after she went from a +500 to a 74. Thats why I tured to the CDE for changes and didn't make them myself. Which BTW, I never heard back from so I put in a call this morning.

Jennie~ LOL! Glad I made ya laugh. At 4am and feeling guilty already for all the finger sticks, the last thing I wanted to hear was "Kacey's poor fingers...." I'd take all these pokes away if I could :( so I told him to stop being an ass and if he felt that bad then maybe he should be the one getting his lazy ass out of the bed since I had to be to work in 4 hours and he was off all day. Diabetes brings out the worst in me during those wee morning hours! LOL!

Jill said...

Thanks Colleen!!! <3 How's things with your pump?

:) Tracie said...

Had that high bg reading last saturday.......only it was a site issue not sickness.

Glad to hear things got settled pretty quickly. Hopefully you can make up that lost sleep and Kacey's head feels better!