Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daddy Has It Now!

Yep, thats right! Frankie has the flu too!

The flu is so widespread through our county right now that I'm surprised they haven't shut down schools. I heard yesterday, that when kids were getting off the bus at the middle school, they were taking temps and sending home kids with a fever above 100. Guess what? They had 1/3 of the school out! Thats SCARY! I also heard that on Monday at Kay's school they served lunch to over 1100 kids...then on Tues it was only 900 ...and yesterday was only 800. Kids are walking around the school with masks on. Thats REALLY bad! These kids are changing classes and sitting in desks that sick kids sat in and the virus lives on surfaces for 7 days...YIKES!

Yesterday Kayleigh started feeling better, she had some life back in her but she's still got a pretty nasty cough. She wanted to go back to school today and I was going to let her but the more I sat and thought about it...her immune system is still fighting this cough and if I send her back with all the sickness then we're gonna end up back where we were on Monday....NOWAY! So she's staying at home another day.

As for Kacey...poor thing :( ...she's still running a 102 fever...and thast WITH Motrin! She's had stomach cramps and the only thing she's managed to keep down is Nilla Wafers. Everything else makes her tummy hurt. At least she's eating something! She's still got the body aches. I feel terrible because there is nothing I can do :( I have managed to make her comfortable with baths and then she bundles up in my bed. Other than that, she's just miserable!

Then....Frankie calls me from work yesterday and says he's got the aches and chills. UHOH! By 4pm, he was on his way home and he said he knew he was burning up. He still had an hour drive home :( When he got here, I had 2 Motrin, a glass of tea and 1 Tamiflu pill waiting for him! His fever was a 102!! I figure since Kay was over hers, then I could use a few of the Tamiflu we'd got for her and dose Frankie, in hopes we caught it in time! At 3am this morning, his fever broke and he was sweating. He sounds horrible and his temp is 98.7 right now. But....thats not to say it can't shoot back up because thats exactly what the girls did! So he's home from work and in the bed :(

And as for me....I'm still flying under the radar! For once my immune system is fighting harder than it ever has. I only had the body aches day before yesterday but I'm not complaining!!!!

And now, for a giggle...
Kacey was running a fever and I was sitting next to her and rubbing her head and I said "I'm glad I didn't get anything but the body aches." and she looked up at me and smiled and she said "Mommy you didn't have the flu, those are just aches from getting old!" HAHAHA! She's so sick, yet she's still got her sense of humor! :)


Rachel said...

Oh that's horrible! I'm sorry to hear that they are all sick. Glad that you are doing ok! :) I agree with you. I would have kept Kay home too. Actually in your position with that many kids sick, I would not worry about school until at least Monday! But that's just my opinion :)

Jill said...

Rachel~ It's funny you say that! I was just talking to Frankie and I told him I thought it would just be best to keep them both out til Monday because of the toll it's taken on them and because of the other kids that are getting sick. I think they should just close the schools and disinfect them and then let the kids come back. It's scary when you read that this germ can stay on surfaces for up to 7 days!!! I just kept thinking about how many times a day the girls change classes and how many hands touch those desks. I told Kacey from now on she needs to ask for a Clorox wipe and wipe her desk down and use GermX on her hands afterward. They ask us to purchase those wipes at the beginning of each school year, so theres no reason why she cant put them to use!! We've gone through 2 bottles of GermX here at home in the last 4 days!!

I think I'm gonna stick to my guns and send them back on Monday :) Thanks!

Meri said...

Try to keep your daughter home as long as she'll let you. My doctor insisted that it's the cough that's the most contagious. She's old enough to cover them and be careful...but another day wouldn't hurt. Sorry your husband has it...and if all you got were body aches WOO HOO! Go mom!

Just keep swimming...

Amy said...

Oh sorry to hear that Frankie is down now, too! And you CAN'T get sick- cause you're the mom!! ;) The schools here went through the rounds of everyone being sick at the beginning of the year and they almost closed one of the high schools.
I hope you guys are on the mend soon! Hang in there!

Chris Stocker said...

Kids say the darnest things. Hope you stay healthy and don't get the flu as well. Get and keep everyone healthy.