Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still Down For The Count

We're on Day 3 of the flu here!

Kayleigh is finally starting to show some signs of life but Kacey is still down for the count. During the night, Kacey's fever shot up to a 102.6, her blood sugar went up to a 428 and she had ketones....YUK! All she did was cry because the body aches are so bad. She also got the throwing up but Kayleigh didn't. They both still have a really nasty cough and that has made Kayleigh's asthma kick up so she's puffing her inhaler every 4 hours.

Kayleigh said she felt better and with rest today, she thought she might go on back to school tomorrow. She hasn't had a fever since last night so we'll see how she feels in the morning. As for Kacey, she won't be going back to school until at least Friday and possibly not til Monday depending on how she feels. She got upset earlier because she doesn't think she will be well enough for Halloween (which wouldn't bother me in the least...LOL) but I made her giggle when I told her that I'd still let her dress up in her costume and trick-or-treat at our front door....candy and a movie! Then she got excited when I told her she could watch the movie in her costume ;) I hope she's feeling better by then though!

On a good note...our glasses came in! I'll post pics once my poor baby is feeling better :)

GermX....Lysol....Clorox....and good ole Alcohol wipes!


Meri said...

WOW! Deja vu...we were there in June. J vomited too...I had stomach pain for days...but never vomited. And the aches! And the fever! And the coughing! Oh they are so bad. I'm so sorry...but I'm happy that little by little they are safely getting through. If you even as much as cough once...make sure you get the anti-viral meds asap. I didn't get them right away and I regretted it in the end.

One hour at a guys are doing it! Conquer it! My thoughts are with you!

Jennifer said...

Oh girl I feel your pain! I just got done blogging about Courtney being sick. The problem with her is that her blood sugar hasn't been high enough to give her enough insulin to get the ketones out. Its so frustrating!!!! Hang in there!!!