Thursday, September 17, 2009

From One T1 to Another

The giggling and excitment running through my house is uncontrollable right now!

Thanks to my Mom, Kacey just received a package from Hollywood! She's been in contact with Elliot Yamin's staff and they graciously sent out this package to her. I knew what was inside, but neither of the girls did. The anticipation of what was in the FedEx envelope was almost too much to bear. Imagine the scream as Kacey pulled out an autograph picture of Elliot Yamin along with 2 CD's!!! Her eyes welled up with tears as she tore the wrapper off the CD and immediately put it in the stereo. She gazed down at the picture as we listened to the CD and she looked back up at me and with the most compassionate look on her face she said, "Mom, you know he has diabetes too and he is famous." *sigh*
Just more proof that diabetes doesn't limit you! Your child can be whatever they want to be.

I just want to take a moment and thank the kind staff member that put this package together for Kacey and sent it overnight mail. You have no idea how much you've made her smile! She's one very happy little girl :) God Bless You!
Also, Thanks Mom! Without your efforts, she wouldn't have gotten this!


meanderings said...

Awww, how nice! What a stupendous smile!

Meri said...

So awesomely cool!

Her face says it all!

Wendy said...

Okay...that first picture is PRICELESS!!!!!!

Amy said...

LOVE IT! How exciting!

Lora said...

Wow, you do have one GREAT mom!