Monday, September 14, 2009

JDRF Car Wash

Many of you may or may not know this....

Advance Auto Parts has teamed up with JDRF and will completely furnish ALL supplies to carry out a car wash and the profit you raise will go directly to support your JDRF Walk team.

This past weekend, we took advantage of that offer. We arrived at Advance Auto Parts at 7:30am and I met with the manager who gladly went and got all the supplies for us.
hose with sprayer
car wash

We had everything we needed and we set up our JDRF table and we started with our cars and then moved on to 3 of the Advance Auto trucks. After that, we washed 9 more cars. Yep, only 9. We were in a bad location and even with the signs we posted, it was hard to find where the car wash was. So unfortunately, I'm cancelling the one at Advance Auto in October and I'm relocating it to another location that will put us right off the main road.
I'm pleased to announce we did raise $183 with only 14 vehicles! The best part, we had fun! Kacey battled a low of 50 while we were there. Nothing 2 glucose tabs couldn't fix! :) She did a great job. We did take "Coz" (the CozMonitor) off of Herbie because I was a bit paranoid about her getting wet. The CozMonitor is her glucose machine that connects to the back of Herbie and if that gets damp/wet then it's ruined. Herbie is waterproof and so she could stay connected without the worry of water. After she took Coz off, it was a freeforall....and that included Mommy throwing some soap bubbles her way! ;)
It was a good day! :)


Meri said...

You guys are so awesome! That is 183 smackers JDRF didn't have before to help find a cure. Thank you!

Wendy said...

WOOHOO!!!! We're $183 closer to a cure :)

We used to fret over Coz died once after she had been out back running in the sprinkler and put her pump pack back on -- just the moisture from her semi-wet swim suit through the pump pack did the trick. Good call and love those bubbles!!!!