Monday, September 7, 2009

BIG Day Tomorrow!

I'm sitting here wondering where in the world our summer went?

My girls go back to school tomorrow! I got choked up earlier thinking about how I felt this time a year ago. I was one VERY nervous Mommy! Kacey was only a few weeks into her diabetes diagnosis and I wasn't ready to let her go with anyone. Last year, I met with teachers, made so many different charts that I knew would never be used but felt like I had to make, packed more diabetes supplies than I knew she'd ever need and then spent the first few weeks going to school every day to give her those insulin injections after MANY tears! This year, I feel so much more confident about Kacey's care. She does everything on her own and she knows what she's doing :) I've still made the charts, but narrowed them down. I've only packed the diabetes supplies that I know she'd need. And this year....I don't have to go up there for daily injections! I can't begin to tell everyone how much easier our life is with Herbie. I was helping Kacey lay her clothes out for the week and I got a little teary eyed and she tapped me on the arm and said, "Mom, you don't have to walk me to class every day now. I know my diabetes and I know how to take care of myself." ***the tears fall*** "Mom, why are you crying? You don't have to worry about me this year." ***wipes tears*** "You know Mommy is always going to worry about you. I'm not crying because I'm worried, I'm crying because I know you CAN take care of yourself and you're not going to need me there right beside you." ***sharing a hug*** "Mom, I always need you to take care of me but I can do it at school now." ***sigh*** "Yep! I know you can!"

It's times like these that really give me a reality smack at how responsible my 9 year old is! She's grown so much over the last year and diabetes forced her to grow up so fast. I'm sad that she was "robbed" of a normal childhood but then again I sit and wonder, is any childhood ever normal? When we're kids, we all have something that makes us grow up. For some, it's divorce. For others, it's death. For some others, it's illness. For Kacey, it's diabetes. If we all step back and think about when we were kids, there is some time that made an impact on us and made us who we are today. Diabetes has certainly had an impact on our family and it's certainly made us different people than we were a year ago. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Both! It depends on the way you look at it and the way you choose to deal with what you've been dealt. For Kacey, there was never any other option than to take this disease and move forward. She's proven that she's a much stronger person than I ever could have been! She's embraced this illness and she now tells everyone about it like it's a common cold. Sure, diabetes still makes her cry during site changes and when she has highs or lows....but after those rough days, she still manages to smile and continue daily life as normally as she possibly can!

This past weekend, she was part of a HUGE fundraiser. It was a benefit to JDRF in her name. Local hunters came out to support her and donate to her walk team. I was overwhelmed with the support we received but I was even more overwhelmed with the lack of knowledge still out there. We had people say to us, "We're so sorry! Maybe one day she will get well enough to take the pill." What do you say to that? I've tried to educate before but for some reason I didn't have the energy to explain the difference in Type 1 and Type 2. Instead I handed them a brochure about JDRF and Type 1 diabetes and said "Thanks for your support!" Yes, I felt like a loser because I didn't educate these people but then again, I don't think it would have sunk in anyway. I'm just so greatful that we had the turnout that we did since it was a holiday weekend and Kacey had the chance to stand proudly at her table and raise money for the cure she's hoping for.

This coming weekend brings on a car wash! Advance Auto Parts has teamed up with JDRF and they will furnish all the supplies you need to do the car wash (buckets, soap, hoses, car wash, water, towels, etc) and all we have to do is show up! All the proceeds will go to JDRF and our walk team, Diabetes Sweeties. We're so excited! Once again, we will have the table set up and I hope to be better at educating this time!

Tomorrow is back to school and that also means I will be back to substituting and also back to the gym...YAYYYYY!


LakeLady said...

It always warms my heart to know that people really do care. Good luck on the new school year. As I have said before, age nine is magical. Kacey is proof.

Meri said...

Oh yeah...lots of tears. We just can't help but be proud of them. They ARE amazing. Good luck today! And thank you for all your efforts to raise money for our cause. This year I raised money for the service dogs, next year JDRF. I've been feeling guilty about not fundraising this year. I am so thankful people like you step up!