Thursday, September 3, 2009

Great Numbers

I know I will probably jinx myself (as always)...LOL...but I had to share how excited I am about Kacey's numbers lately. I've worked with her CDE and adjusted some basals recently and I think we've got it....FOR NOW! Haha! Diabetes is such a crazy disease! The second you think you've got it, then it takes you for a pitfall and through another loop. I really like these numbers since she's going to be starting back to school next week.

Check out these numbers....

9-1-09 (from 10-1 we were at Busch Gardens and then at 2:30 we had the meeting with her teachers so excitement was working on her)
7:33am- 174
10:57am- 378 (she'd just gotten off a roller coaster at Busch Gardens)
12:47pm- 194
3:02pm- 282
5:57pm- 46 (oops!)
6:14pm- 85
8:32pm- 103
10:16pm- 115
10:52pm- 82 (eat one cookie and don't bolus)

2:01am- 125
7:06am- 165
7:58am- 174
12:07pm- 68
3:47pm- 213 (over corrected for the low)
5:03pm- 146
6:22pm- 57
6:38pm- 75 (almost corrected right)
7:38pm- 112 (ok, maybe we got it right!)
9:16pm- 145
11:00pm- 154

(9-3-09 This morning)
4:52am- 166 (oops! I overslept the 2am check)
8:13am- 166
9:26am- 136

Take THAT diabetes!! :)

I want to go into some detail with the low she had on 9-1-09...the 46....this was one of the worst lows she'd ever experienced. We usually have dinner at 5pm. She was playing with her Barbies and wasn't very hungry so she continued to play. I put off making dinner and then at 5:55pm she came out of her room and grabbed her bottle of strips and lancet and plopped on the couch. She gave me the "look" and said her head hurt. She went to put the test strip into Herbie and she bursted into tears. I knelt down beside the couch and asked her what was wrong? She said, "Mommy, I feel like I'm going to pass out!" Hmmmm....she's never passed out before so I don't know how she knew thats how she felt but she said everything was making her dizzy and she didn't feel good. Herbie beeped and she was a 46. Ahhhh ok, so shes low....let's eat! She didn't want much because she said she didn't feel good. She just wanted to make herself a sandwhich and chips. She went into the kitchen with Kayleigh and then about 5min later she came back into the living room and sat down and busted into tears again. Kayleigh came running around the corner and said Kacey told her that she was going to pass out and she couldn't stand. ***TREAT NOW*** I went on and gave her one glucose tab because I didn't want her coming up too fast and then eating and going to the moon. She ate the glucose tab with tears rolling down her face. Kayleigh finished making her lunch and brought it in where we were sitting. Kacey just sat lifeless...the white powder around her mouth from the glucose tab...and her shirt wet from the tears. My heart actually hurt for her. My brain went into fast forward....10 years....15 years down the road. How will Kacey ever be able to live by herself? What happens if she goes too low and theres no one there to help her come around? I know it's a long way off yet but it still weighs on my mind and I know it weighs on hers as well. I've never said anything about my worries to her before and the other day she said to me, "Mommy, when I get married, I am going to marry a man that knows how to take care of my diabetes and before I get married I am going to get a dog like Dixie (thanks Molly!) so you won't worry about me." It's comments like that, that really sting me. But it also made me think even more. Our CDE had said before that teen years were going to be a challenge because her diabetes would be hard to control. She was going to want to act like she didn't have diabetes and forget to bolus for stuff. And it made me wonder...when diabetics are in their late teens/early 20' their diabetes out of control because they are more afraid to go low and worry that there is not anyone around to help them? Do they purposely keep their sugars high because the highs are easier to deal with than the lows? Like I said, I know I'm years away from these worries but they are things I think about!

As for me, I go see the Orthopedic doctor at the end of September. He's the same one that took care of my foot fracture and Kacey's broken arm. I really like him! Once I see him then I will have a surgery date (*cry*).

Thanks to everyone for their support! I'll write as I can :) Not typing as much as really helped and I'm not getting as much numbness but I miss blogging so much!


Meri said...

Your poor little girl! Lows are so awful, B woke up today 55 and said the same thing, he felt like he was going to pass out. :(

You are spot on in regards to the teenager thing. My sixth grader already told his endo he would "DIE!" (figuratively) if he passed out in front of his friends. He would rather be higher that lower. He said when your low you feel weak, and that is not how he wants his friends to see him.

Jill said...

Meri~ I know our kids are gonna face that "peer pressure" and don't want to feel different :( But I'm wondering if once they move out on their own, if thats the reason they stay high, to keep from passing out alone or in front of friends? The thought alone scares me so I can't imagine how worried they'd be at that age.

I agree....BOO LOWS!

Amy said...

Yay for good numbers! Bummer about that scary is SO hard to see them like that! We had one two days ago after nap- she woke up at 40 (I heard her "moaning" in her sleep and the "mommy alarm" went off so I went in and checked her) and it took her FOREVER to recover from it.

I think you are right about the teenage thing, too and have wondered how we can help Jada deal with that. Jeff has a type 1 teen who works for him and she takes excellent care of herself. I think part of her success is that she is very physically active along with her family. She competes in Tae Kwon Do at a national level. Maybe if I can get my rear in gear Jada will have a much better chance of taking care of herself!

I often wonder, too, how Jada could live on her own. I think a dog is a SPLENDID idea and am hoping that we can do that for her down the road. that I've written a mini blog on your page....I'll stop!

You're doing a great job Jill---always an encouragement to the rest of us!

Chris Stocker said...

Congrats on the good numbers and also on getting that scary low fixed. In regards to the late teens early 20's, I was diagnosed at 19. When I went out at night I definitely preferred my sugars to be higher so I didn't have to carry things around. However, if they creeped past 200 then I would definitely correct. A CGM definitely will make it a lot easier. I'm 25 now and don't go to a bar or anything without my CGM.

marie said...

good work!

For lows under 50, I now use "DEX glucose 4 liquid blast"
These work like magic for me, I drink one, 5 minutes later I'm back to normal and an hour later I usually sit around 110...they are a bit expensive but to me they are worth every penny!

As for 20 something and diabetes I usually stayed a tad high to avoid the embarrassment of a low, until I got low (my lowest EVER 26)in front of my friends who took great care of me, after that event I took much better care of myself because I knew that people around me could handle a low. It even became a joke that when we went out my guy friends would all have some candies in their pockets and if I happened to dance with some hot guy they'll come to me and ask "do you need any sugar before you show him your moves?" You get it, my friends took my disease on the fun side and it really made a difference for me.
Being alone is another thing, when it happens I set my alarm for a 2am check and I make sure that someone calls in the morning to make sure I am indeed awake, even if so far (knock on wood) my lows have always woken me up.

Jill said...

Amy~ know I love when ya post :) It's ok if it's long!

Chris & Marie~ Thank you so much for your input about the teen/early 20 years. I'm hoping she will have a great set of friends that stick by her through school. She's got quite a few already that "look out" for her when they are on the playground. We just went to meet her teachers this afternoon and we found out that those same friends are in her class again this year!! She was thrilled!!

LakeLady said...

I am just a Gma who wishes all of this diabetes stuff would just go away. AAAAAAAAAh! God bless you! I am so proud of every Mom who fights this battle for her child or children EVERY SINGLE DAY! You are the true makers of "tomorrow."