Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of 4th Grade & 10th Grade

Yesterday my girls went back to school...Kacey in 4th grade and Kayleigh in 10th grade.

The morning went very quick and we were blessed with some pretty nasty weather. Kayleigh got on the bus at 6:45am and then I drove Kacey to school at 8:30am. Both girls came home with huge smiles on their faces and their lips were going 100mph! They've both got some excellent teachers and I just feel so relieved this year. Kacey's blood sugars stayed in range the entire day and she was so excited about it! Her teachers let her share her diabetes at snack time, since it was time for Kacey to check her blood sugar and bolus. She said that one of the boys asked what her pump was and she said, "It's for my diabetes." and she said he got a funny look on his face and asked "What's diabetes?" and she said she tried to tell him what it was and he smiled and said "Oh! Thats cool!" Cool? Diabetes is cool? Ummmmm....I asked her what she said? She said she just told him that it wasn't cool because it makes her sick sometimes. She said, "Mom, I really don't think he understands but thats ok cuz he's a boy." HAHAHAHA! Ahhh ok, so it's ok for boys to not understand? Too funny! One thing I'm very thankful for is...her best friends are in her classes again this year! Those same girlfriends that already know Kacey has diabetes, don't care that she's a little different and always look out for her on the playground. :) No drama for both girls....What a great day!

As for me, I took the time that I didn't spend at school and I went to the gym! It felt so good to get back in there and workout. My intentions are to go to the gym every day that I'm not subbing at school.

We all ended up in bed and asleep by 9pm! Guess we were all exhausted in our own way ;)

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Amy said...

Woohoo! for a good start to the new year! Sounds like things went very well....much peace of mind for you I'm sure! I'm sure both girls will do great this year!