Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meeting & Testing

Yesterday was my meeting with Kacey's school about her 504 Plan. We all sat down with the EC from CHKD. We discussed Kacey's plan and everything we had in her plan were things they normally include (YAY for us!) The only thing we had to add was an addition about Kacey being able to carry her diabetes bag everywhere including into testing situations. Also, Kacey is taking her SOL test on paper instead of the computer and so I had to give permission for them to transfer her answers to a bubble sheet instead of having Kacey transfer them and risk her marking the wrong bubble. I'm thrilled with everything they are doing for Kacey to make this whole situation as easy as possible. We're so lucky to be in the school that we are in and I love the "family" relationship we've developed with them.

Today was Kacey's first day of SOL testing. We were worried she'd be too high to test because of the natural excitement going into the test. Instead of using a number to figure out if Kacey was capable of testing, they asked her if she felt ok? The reason for this is.... she can be a 200 and feel crappy and if we have no testing over 250 then she would still have to test. Then there are other days when shes a 300 and feels just fine. Thats exactly what happened today! She went into the test at a 315 but she felt fine. So I'm guessing the raise in her blood sugar was from being anxious and not from a true high. She came out of testing with a smile and she stayed at school the whole day :) She tests again on Thursday and I hope it goes as smooth as it did today!

Kayleigh took one of her SOLs today and she was able to leave school at 9:40am. I picked her up and took her back to school with me and she helped pack boxes for shifting classrooms. She's still counting the days til she leaves for Hawaii. She's down to a month!! *cry* As much as I want her to go, I won't let her see how sad I am. I'm really gonna miss having her around here for 2 months.

Off to watch American Idol....who will win? Adam or Kris?

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Kassie said...

I forgot to address SOL testing in our 504 - but I'm with you on the 'how they feel' approach. Jake can feel fine at 65 or shaky at 79 - I'd hate to have him not be allowed to pause testing if needed just because his number doesn't match his 504 guidelines, you know? We, too, have been very lucky with our school - they've been very supportive and helpful so far!