Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 6 with Dex

We made it to day 6 with Dex. The sensor sticky had lifted almost all the way around and we'd used everything we could think of to keep it on but it just continued to peel up. So we made the tough decision to take it off a day early. With lots of tears, Kacey placed Dex into the bag for us to return him tomorrow to her CDE. We talked about how he only seemed to be 50% accurate but when he was accurate...he was spot on!

When we took the sensor out, this is what we found....

Yes...thats a crimp in the wire. Is it normal for the Dex sensor needle to bend like that?

I'm assuming that maybe that was why it wasn't more accurate than it was?

The last 6 days with it have been interesting. I'm excited to see what the results reveal. By the looks of her blood sugars on her chart, I don't think any changes will be made yet. She's still all over the place and there really wasn't a clear pattern this week. The last couple weeks, she's run high during her 2am checks and this past week she was in normal range every single night. I'm glad I listened to my "Mommy gut" and didn't make the changes to her basal the way the NP suggested when we went for her check up last Monday. I wanted to wait and see what Dex picked up before we made those changes and she agreed to let me wait. If we had made those adjustments, we'd of been battling SEVERE lows!

I'm getting ready to email blood sugars and I looked at the summary from her pump print out.

Average BG- 135

In Target- 56.41%

Number of Tests- 78

Average number of tests per day- 9.75

This is the BEST her averages have been since she started on the pump. Could this be a break-thru? I sure hope so!


Cara said...

I'm playing major catch up w/ you, since I've been out of commission this week.
Happy late anniversary! I loved seeing all the wedding picts. They are so cool. :)
I'm glad you got a day off. I love to scrapbook, but I haven't done any in almost 2 years. I tend to go through phases and I'm on my cake phase right now! LOL
I'm not sure if the Dex is supposed to bend like that...but I'm not sure that the bend is a good thing. I hope that you find out and they maybe will let you try again....

Wendy said...

Interesting little bend there...hmmm...

I was bummed when we were still testing 8-10 times a day with Nav. I know it takes more than a week, but I wanted it to be perfect all the time!!!! Is that too much to ask??? That the technology does what it says it's gonna do????


Stinkin' Diabetes.

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Sorry you have to say goodbye to Dex! Syd's CGM isn't 100% accurate either. I think the technology will get better as the years go by but it is a great start!

Kathy Groenbeck said...

Getting that kind of information is helpful isn't it? I'm getting more excited about Kaitlyn going on the pump but nervous at the same time. We are hoping to get the medtronic paradigm with the CGM. I do like the Animas but it doesn't have the CGM and I really think that will be helpful but after reading your posts I wonder how much of the time it will be correct. I'm sure it will be a learning experience for both Kaitlyn and me. Thanks for your blog, it helps to see how Kacey is doing on her pump and your thoughts on it from a Mom's view.
Have a good day,