Sunday, November 6, 2011

ONE Thing

Suppose you're standing in line at your local grocery store...or you're waiting for your child to get out of school with other parents...or you're in a doctor's office with other parents...or you're sitting in a restaurant and you see someone watching your child check their blood sugar and they won't stop staring.

If you only had a few minutes that you could educate that person about Type 1 diabetes and you could ONLY tell them ONE knew what you said HAD to make an impact for diabetes awareness....What would you say to them?

I asked this very question to my girls and this is what I got:

Kayleigh: "Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and there is NO cure for it."

Kacey: "My pancreas is dead. I take insulin every time I eat something. Insulin is not a cure but I need it to stay alive. Type 1 diabetes is not the same as Type 2 diabetes and you can look online for more information about it."

Me: "My daughter has Type 1 diabetes. It is an autoimmune disease. We didn't do anything to cause it and she's not diabetic because she's overweight. She can eat whatever she wants (within reason) as long as she gives herself insulin for it. Insulin is not her cure, it just keeps her alive everyday. Everyone needs insulin to stay alive, even you! Please don't confuse Type 1 and Type 2...and if you'd like to support our journey for a cure, then you can go to and make a donation to help us find a cure and read more about Type 1 diabetes.

What would you say?

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