Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm feeling just a little victorious over here! It seems like for months that I've battled Kacey's bdy. She's had regular sugars in the 200-400 range and it seemed like any basal change that we made wouldn't help...until now! We made the aggressive changes to her basals with the help of her NP. And....the results the last 24 hours were....

108 @ 1:56am
95  @ 6:32am
325 @ 8:26am (only 1hr after breakfast)
182 @ 12:00pm
83  @ 3:55pm
49  @ 4:06pm (yikes! might have to work on this one)
104 @ 4:22pm
167 @ 4:55pm
113 @ 5:54pm
103 @ 7:58pm (after dinner...whoop! whoop!)
114 @ 8:30am
213 @ 10:09pm (thank you "celebration" ice cream)
176 @ 1:03am
184 @ 6:09am

So as you can see, I've been doing the "Happy Mommy Dance" for the last 24 hours. Could this be the break through that I've prayed for? I asked God to please lighten my load a little and give me a little bit of a chance to catch my breath as a full time pancreas. This was the answer to my prayer. long this will last? Who knows? What I do know is, I was so scared to be aggressive with changes and NO CGM...but it all worked out. We did just fine! And just FYI, Kacey hardly felt that low...which was a tad scary. She only felt "a little shaky" and she was trying to do her homework since we'd just gotten home from school and she said she "couldn't focus on her book" so she tested and she dropped from that 83 to a 49 in just 11 minutes.

We still haven't heard anything from Animas about pump coverage yet and I left the rep a message yesterday so hopefully he will call me back and let me know something! If it's not going to be covered then we're doing the paperwork to go forward with Dexcom (which btw, Kacey voiced she actually wanted that first anyway) I'll keep you all posted!

In the meantime....I can be found "Happy Mommy" dancing down the aisles at Walmart getting some baking supplies for Kayleigh to make more cakes! :)


NikDuck said...

Yeah! That is wonderful! Your joy is just flowing through your words, which I completely understand! I feel like Natalie's BG #'s are in direct correlation to my mood. When she has good #'s I am happy and feel like I can handle this, when they are high then I am upset and cry more and feel defeated and overwhelmed. I may need to bend your ear on working on Natalie's lantus issues! She keeps dropping low overnight when we increase by 1 unit, but without that one unit she increases by the morning.

Jill said... number is on my Facebook so whenever you wanna call..just pick up the phone :) It seems like me, you and Shannon live so close...yet so far away...LOL! I also have unlimited texting so just call or text ANYTIME! :) (((HUGS))) I know the frustrations girlie...I REALLY do!

Unknown said...

WAHOO! I got so excited for you when I saw your status on FB! Stock up on low supplies may be in for a "bumpy" landing! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Maybe you could post NP's number, LOL. We can do better than our NP but it would be a huge relief to have one you could just fax numbers to and they would get it right. Keep that number on speed dial....

Alexis Nicole said...

Whooohoooo! Love it!!! Yes stock up on juice and skittles..

You so needed a break and im glad he delivered!