Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glucose Test & Basal Changes

I got a call from our Endo's office this afternoon. Kayleigh's GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) is scheduled for February 23rd. We have to be down at CHKD at 8:30am to register in and then the test will start around 9am. Its a 5 hour test so we'll be down there til that afternoon. I have this really nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I got a call from Kayleigh at 2:30pm. She said she had a bad headache and she was having some blood sugar issues again. She ate spaghetti in Culinary class at 12pm. At 1pm, her sugar was a 123 and then by 2pm she bounced up to a 154 and thats when the headache and hot flashes started. By 3pm, she was back down to a 99 but shes still got a really bad headache. I've written everything down in the notebook since we have to keep a journal of what her sugar was, what she ate and what her symptoms are.

I also got an email from Kacey's NP. She wants us to bump all those basals up again and change her correction factor. She is REALLY hitting that puberty stage and we're fighting a tough battle. I read about all these other kids with really high I:C ratios, correction factors and hardly any basal and then I see Kacey's insulin intake and it makes me gasp a little. I'm hoping we will some some numbers back in the 100's since she is staying in a consistant 200-300 range.

Just a little FYI....here are Kacey's current settings....

Insulin:Carb ratio- 1:7

Correction Factor- 30

12am- 1.15u (possibly going to 1.20u if she continues to bounce up)
4am- 1.40u
8am- 1.35u
2pm- 1.30u

It just floors me that her body is taking in so much insulin! I guess when you're fighting those hormones then you have no choice. Last week she was in range 10% of the time! UGH! She's feeling better and I think the itch is moving out. She is only itchy on her toes now...LOL! It's like it moved all the way out from her body to her fingertips and toes. Weird! She went back to school this morning and she made it through the whole day....so thats a good sign! She was swamped with make-up work and homework. One day at a time :)

Sooooo right now I'm feeling like Super Coupon-Mom! I just went grocery shopping and my total bill was $305.35 and my final total after coupons was $148.55...whoop! whoop!  Now THAT is what I call BARGAIN SHOPPING!!


Rachael said...

Crazy Stuff! i just got news from the doc on Friday that they want to start me on a T2 medicine to help my insulin resistant body absorb the insulin better. Poor kid. I just want to hug her. We have been through so many of the exact same things, it's scary how similar!


Hallie Addington said...

I hope Kayleigh feels better soon! That's no fun. And Kacey, too! I won't tell you what our I:C's and basals are... our overnight ISF is 1:500. But just wait.... we'll be in your shoes soon enough. Does it feel like sometimes all you ever do is change basals??? Feels like that to me! Hang in there Coupon Diva!

Jill said...

Thanks Rachael!! (((HUGS)))

Hallie...yessssss I feel like we're changing basals every single week! WOWWWWW 1:500!!!! Kacey has never been that low before. I have to keep reminding myself that there are alot of years and weight that seperate her from the others too! She's a BIG girl...shes 5ft tall and 141 pounds...and shes only going to be 11 years old next month!

Unknown said...

You are one COUPON MACHINE baby!!! Great news on that front...and it seems like you are making progress on the BG front. Isn't there a med she can take to decrease her insulin resistance. I have heard of teens going on some oral med for the insulin resistance they hit in puberty.

Good luck...we are in need of some basal tweaks ourselves over here in VT. :(

Misty said...

Well I had some great comment and then I got distracted by your MAD coupon skills! Woo hoo!!!

I really hope that both of the girls are feeling better soon.

Alexis Nicole said...

Good luck on the glucose test ill be thinking of you!

Puberty sucks! Throw D and oh my! J is an 8 yr old boy and uses more insulin than most his age...isf is 80 and highest basal is .625 and bfast is 9!

Umm can u take me shopping!?