Sunday, November 14, 2010

World Diabetes Day


Today has been such a wonderful day! After another rough evening of lows yesterday and a nasty round of highs last night, Kacey has had perfect numbers today. Can anyone say CELEBRATE?

We got up early for church this morning. The girls and I already had our fingers and toes painted this pretty shade of blue to match our outfits for today. We got a nice little surprise when my best friend and her family showed up...all wearing BLUE for Kacey! As I sat in church, I watched people walk in and I couldn;t help but notice all the blue. We just started going to this church so I don't know anyone yet but I couldn't help but sit there and wonder....Was she wearing blue for someone special? Was he wearing blue because he's diabetic too? Or did they all just have on blue because they felt like wearing that color this morning? Maybe they didn't have anything clean? LOL! Either made me think and I smiled because I knew WHY we were wearing blue. We had on blue because today is World Diabetes Day!
My Mom with Kayleigh & Kacey
After church, we took some pictures to remember the special day....
Trenton, Elaina, Kacey, Andrew & Kayleigh (my Best Friend's kids & mine)
My Best Friend & her family
Once we got home, we had lunch and just relaxed a little while before The Big Blue Test. Kacey took part in this fun event this year and she actually understood what she was doing. It was so much fun! She started the test at a nice 174 and after 14 minutes of riding her bike and running around, she ended at a 139... BEAUTIFUL! It was funny to watch her start out really fast and then by about 10 minutes, she shouts "Hey Mom! I think I'm dropping!" Ummm....part of me wanted her to stop and test right then but I figured she'd stop on her own if she was "low". When she finished, she laughed and she kept going on about how fun it was. I asked her what she learned from the "test"? She looked at me with a puzzled face and replied, "DUH! Exercise drops your blood sugar!" Hahaha...thats my girl! :)

Thank you to everyone that wore BLUE for Kacey today! We love you all and we're so blessed to have your support!

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