Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kacey's 6 Things

OK...so I was telling Kacey about D-Blog Day and the 6 things question and she asked to tell everyone her 6 things...so here goes....

6 Things Kacey (10yrs old and T1) wants everyone to know about diabetes.

1. Diabetes is hard. You have to do a lot of Math and sometimes I don't feel like adding.

2. There are only 2 things I am not allowed to eat....well drink...that is real fruit juice and real soda because my insulin can't keep up with my sugar when it spikes up. I can eat anything else I want to.

3. Lows and Highs don't feel good. Lows make me feel foggy. I feel shaky and sleepy when I am low too. Highs make me feel like crap (**insert Mommy giggle** I'm typing it as she says it) I get a sick stomach and a headache.

4. I love my pump! His name is "Goober". I used to have a pump named "Herbie" but he cracked and I had to send him back. It was a sad time.

5. I change my pump site every 3 days and sometimes they hurt. I like changing my site every 3 days instead of taking a lot of shots every day.

6. I WANT A CURE! (***Silence***...sometimes it's the simple sentences that get across the most) Enough said!


Nicole said...

great job Kacey I love your list!!

George said...

I agree with all of those, especially number 6!

Kassie said...

Things we have in common: non-functioning pancreases and #6 :) - hugs to you!

Mamma Morgan said...

I have tears as I type. I feel for all children struggling with this disease. If only I had a magic wand:) Hugs and Kisses from one D-mom to another.