Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Secret Santa D-Family Gift Exchange

We're registered!!!

If you are interested in participating in the 2010 Secret Santa D-Family Gift Exchange, then click the following like and get registered!

The exchange is from one D-Family to another D-Family.

The spending limit is $25

The DEADLINE for registration is November 15th. This gives us a month before the packages have to be in the mail. ALL packages should be mailed by December 15th to ensure they arrive ON TIME! On November 15th, Elfster will draw names and send you the name of the family you will be shopping for. Please update your profiles if you were signed up last year so we have current information in all of them. Also, take into consideration where your family is located in relation to where you live so you can allow time for delivery BEFORE Christmas. If you did not participate in our exchange last year, then just create an account and get signed up! We'd love to have our new D-Families involved this year. I know there are several of you that I haven't met yet! Also, feel free to post a like to the exchange on your blog because I know my blog hasn't reached out to as many families as some of yours have. You can also link back here if you want so they know the instructions.

Remember... NOVEMBER 15th is the DEADLINE to sign up! Once Elfster draws the names then I can't add anyone else in the exchange so help me get the word out now!


Unknown said...



I almost missed the deadline!!!!

I totally missed this update and luckily saw some other D bloggers who are participating at the park today :)

WHEW! That was close!

Kris said...

How fun! I didn't know about this last year so I'm glad I saw it just in time this year! I just signed us up! :)