Friday, July 9, 2010


It's been almost a year since we first discovered the Food Lion soda can colors were so close. It's been almost a year that my Mom fought to get the can color changed and it's now OFFICIAL...they changed the can color! For those of you that are not familiar with what I am talking about... you can view the emails HERE

This is a photo of what the cans looked like.

My Mom argued the point that to a child that couldn't read, these cans looked so similar that they could easily pick up the wrong can and it could be fatal!
Now....THE is Mom with the new can color that she fought a YEAR to get switched!
Here are all 3 cans together.

We saved these for Kacey and she made a copy of the emails so Kacey would always know how hard her "Nae-Nae" fought to change the color of a can of soda to keep her safe.
THANK YOU Mom for being persistant and emailing the management and getting this switch for us. THANK YOU from all the D-parents out there that no longer have to worry about their kids picking up the wrong can of soda.


Amy said...

NICE job Nae-Nae!!! WOOHOOOO!

The Crazy Pancreas said...

That is SUPER awesome! Way to go!

Meri said...

This makes me a little teary eyed. It shows that we can make a difference!! Thank you to Nae Nae! She is a treasure!

Lynnea said...

Little behind in reading blogs lately.....but couldn't help but post on this one. There are more and more companies making their sodas so much's so hard to tell. A few weeks ago, I realized I was giving J.J. normal soda....couldn't figure out all the high numbers....thought he was sick....until I went to the grocery and realized my mistake when I saw the two containers side by side. UGH!! I'll have to go on a writing campaign like Nae Nae!!