Friday, July 9, 2010

Funny For The Day

We are all in need of a giggle at one time or another. My giggle happened today and it was Kacey that gave it to me (like she usually does!)

We were in Walmart and we had to use the bathroom (thank you hig blood sugar) so we go to the bathroom and Kacey got out before I did and she washed her hands and I heard the dryer running. She has NEVER liked the hand dryer but today she was forced to use it. I came out of the bathroom and the conversation went like this...

Kacey: Mom, you have to use the dryer because the paper towels are out.
Me: OK, hang on (washing my hands)
Kacey: Or you can pay 25 cents for a napkin
Me: (drying my hands and looking over at her) Huh?
Kacey: (pointing to the sanitary napkin dispenser) See! It's only 25 cents but I don't know why they have napkins in with "Tapeons" (tampons)
Me: (giggling to tears) TAPE ONS?
Kacey: What is a tapeon Mom? Do you tape it on when you have your period?
Me: (walking out the bathroom trying to keep a straight face and giggling)

OMG! This child asks questions that Kay NEVER asked!! So then I explained that the "napkins" are "sanitary napkins" which is another word for "Pads" for her period. She giggled and then told my Mom they had "Sanitation napkins" in the bathroom and those things you "Tape On". HAHAHAHA!!! Only my child!!!

So then we're still giggling about it on the way home and she was getting loud and I told her to "Calm down." and she said "I think I need my medicaid." She meant to say "I need my medication." HAHAHAHA! So that caused another gigglefest :)

Laughter is the BEST medicine...especially when it's your child that makes you laugh!

POST- 499 :)


Lora said...

thats funny...

Amy said...

Oh totally had me laughing OUT LOUD! I so NEEDED that!

LaLa said...

laughing over here!singlyz

Meri said...

She is awesome! I love her for being so open with you!