Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Diabetes Chat

I posted about this two days ago but I want to take this opportunity to reach out to D-Moms, D-Dads, D-Grandmas and PWD too!

What started as a post on my Facebook, led to a reach out to our network. A small group of D-Moms that chat and share on Facebook, got together and then we started reaching out saying "Oh! We have to invite so and so to come too!", "Does anyone have so and so's address or Facebook?" and we ended up with a group of 10 Moms that all have kids with diabetes. Sure, it didn't end up being a diabetes chat since we were all so excited to just be in the same room with one another online....a first for all of us! I just felt like I should post and invite others to meet with us too.

Just follow these few simple steps....

For those that are interested in getting into our online chat group
1. Download MSN Windows Messenger Live
2. Add me- butterflybrat75@hotmail.com (and let me know who you are...LOL!)
3. Meet us on Sunday at 9pm EST or when I'm lit up green I can chat anytime!
4. And....we're not limiting it to D-Moms ...D-Dads are welcome too :) and D-Grandma's ....and PWD!

Come join us for fun!!!


Meri said...

Sorry I missed it...I'm looking forward to Sunday!

Nicole said...

I will be there for sure...cant wait!

Wendy said...

***giggle*** I feel like a kid :)

Hallie Addington said...

For some reason when I signed on yesterday I saw what I should have seen on Sunday! I think Ive got it now & am looking forward to Sunday!!!