Monday, November 9, 2009

D-Blog Day

As D-Blog day comes to a close, I've had a lot to reflect on. Nearly 15 months ago, our life within the West household changed forever. Would I go back and change it if I could? That's a tough question!

I hate how diabetes takes control over our daily life. No day with diabetes is ever the same. We take each day as it's thrown at us and we deal with it the best way we know how to. I hate how diabetes makes Kacey feel. She can go from having an amazing day out shopping to dropping low in an instant and we have to put diabetes first and stop whatever fun we're having to make sure diabetes doesn't take full control. She can also go to sleep at a nice 150 and wake up with a crappy 400. Why? She didn't eat anything. Thats life with diabetes! So many unexplained things and "never know's". It's that part of diabetes that I hate!

If I could take all that away, I would. But on the flip side, diabetes has made me the Mommy that I am today. It forced me to look at life so much differently. It forced me to put my feelings out there and start this blog. MY Blog. My Thoughts. MY feelings. Right out there for the world to see. And as a result of that, I've made some of the closest friends that I never thought was possible. MY D-Mom friends. MY D-friends. MY friends that blog about daily life with diabetes. Many of us choose to write about things other than diabetes just so it keeps us in check and makes us feel a bit more "normal". We can't let diabetes run our lives! I'm a much better person as a result of diabetes. MY blog has given me more than I could have ever imagined. I love the support that I have here and I know that if I'm having a rough day and need to vent, then I can come here and blog about it and all of you will understand. With the exception of the idiot that posted to the McDonald's post (you know who you are), I've had NOTHING but support on here and I hope to continue blogging til Kacey is grown and beyond. One day she will start her own blog about her journey and her memories about growing up with diabetes and I hope to be right along side her as she does. So many of the diabetes bloggers here have given me hope for her future. Kerri has shown me that with the right care, Kacey CAN have a baby. Scott has shown me that with lots of control, Kacey CAN play a sport and be good at it. Cara has shown me that Kacey CAN live on her own and travel and be ok. Molly has shown me that Kacey CAN have that "companion" with 4 legs if she wants one. (We love you, Dixie!) There are other D-bloggers out there that have helped me in one way or another but I'd be here listing all day! And for all my other D-Mom friends & one D-Gma (you know who you are) all have shown me that it's OK to feel sad, angry, happy, miserable and excited all in the same day. It's OK to hate diabetes and feel the feelings I do. Most of all, you've shown me more love and support than one person can ask for.....and for that... I AM BLESSED!

I hope everyone had a wonderful D-Blog Day! <3