Friday, October 23, 2009

From 4 Eyes to 8 Eyes

Kacey and I went for eye checks this morning. I wasn't too thrilled about having to go see a new doctor so I really had a negative attitude going in. That was quickly changed when we were greeted with a warm smile and very nice receptionist. We only waited about 10 minutes and we were called back. Dr. N is very nice and he's a foreign doctor but his accent isn't so heavy. I could understand everything he was asking us.

He read over Kacey's chart and said "Oh diabetes?" and Kacey said, "Yes but I'm Type 1 not Type 2." He smiled and said, "So no trick or treating for you!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No he DID NOT just say that! I gritted my teeth through the smile and said, "She's type 1 so yes she can have candy and go trick or treating." He gave me a puzzled look. This is where I really have a problem. Are they NOT taught in med school the difference in Type 1 and 2? I mean, C'mon! The pediatricians are the same way. It's like they slept through the chapter on Diabetes. I really didn't have the energy to go into detail with him. He pointed to her pump and said, "Is that your insulin shots?" LOL!!! She laughed and said, "No it's my pump, silly!" So....long story short.....her vision is 20/40 and 20/30 (just like the nurse tested) and so she needs glasses for seeing distance. She got her eyes dialated and he checked for bleeding....NONE! :) So yes, she just needs glasses!

Then it was my turn. I haven't had my eyes checked since I was in high school. I had absolutely NO idea that I had astigmatism and my vision is 20/50 and I NEED GLASSES!!! I was so shocked when I tried to read the chart and I couldn't see it. Then when he put the thing on my eyes and I could see it clear, I nearly fell outta my chair!!

So Kacey and I both picked out our new glasses and they will be here next week! :) I told her we were going from 4 eyes to 8 eyes and she thought that was hilarious! I think she'll adjust to them just fine :) I did take a pic of her with the "trial" pair of glasses on but I won't show it off just yet. I'm going to wait til she's got her new glasses and show them watch for pics!


Wendy said...

I can't wait to see your pic....I'll be joining your ranks soon. It's fuzzy as I type this!

No Trick or Treating? Ummm...not the right thing to say, Doc.

We'll forgive you 'cuz your receptionist smiled. But read up a bit. Kacey's eyes need your expertise and you need to make sure you're on top of the game!

Meri said...

Let's pretend for a second that Type 1 Diabetics can't go trick or treating...would it be a bright idea to throw that in a childs face????!!!! PLLLEEASSSSS! Even if he was correct in his asumption,(which, we all know he was miles off and has clearly never been educated on our disease)... that was a really stupid thing to say.

But at least you both will have super cute glasses and will be able to see the world in all it's fall glory!

Good for you and your daughter for speaking up and telling him he was wrong! :)

Hallie Addington said...

Welcome to the world of 8 eyes!! If Avery gets her eye genes from us, we'll go up to 12 eyes! Glasses aren't so bad- they can even be pretty cool! I prefer contacts but there's no rush for that.
Don't you just want to smack people that should know better when they say stupid things? Our pediatrician's office drives me crazy with that. Ugh!
Glad Kacey seemed to have a sense of humor about it! Can't wait for your pics!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have encountered more than my share of idiotic doctors in my time. I don't know who gives them their dumb license to dispense medical "advice". [rolls eyes]