Monday, October 19, 2009


Kacey had her check up for her eyes with the school nurse. I got a phone call from her afterward and she confirmed the suspisions I'd already had. Kacey has made some comments lately about her eyes being "fuzzy". She made a couple remarks last year but it seemed to be related to the high or low blood sugars she was experiencing and it raised no red flags. The last few weeks, shes been telling me things are "fuzzy" but her blood sugars were "normal" at the time. Every year, the school nurse does eye testing. This morning, she tested Kacey and she was 20/40 in one eye and 20/30 in the other eye. Hmmmm?

Her last eye check up was 2008, right before she was diagnosed. She was 20/20 in both eyes then. Surely diabetes couldn't be taking it's toll on her THIS early? Yeah, the Mommy part of me is starting to worry already!

Our eye insurance has changed and the eye doc that we've used for the last 11 years is NOT a participating provider (damn you insurance!) so this means I'm back to square one trying to find a doc that participates. I called around and I found one but I've never heard of him, no one I know has heard of him and so I'm risking it here. They had an opening for 9am on Friday. WOWWW! So soon? Isn't that a bad sign if you get in right away? Since they aren't booked?

OK...I have to think positive here! I'm just heartbroken that we can't see Dr. C anymore :( We were referred to her 11 years ago. Kayleigh was only 4 years old and she couldn't see the 2 letters under the big E during her preschool eye exam. Her pediatrician sent us to Dr. C and we loved her from the beginning! Kayleigh had a lazy eye and we worked closely with Dr. C to help repair it. She became more than just a doctor. She knew us on a first name basis and every year when it came time for Kayleigh's check-up, she always knew who we were when we were waiting and she'd speak to us personally. Now that we've got this new plan...which BTW we did NOT was chosen by my husbands work....we have to see the doctors that participate or pay out the ass for coverage!

So....Friday at 9am it is! I'll update when we go. :)


Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Good luck!! I'm sure it is diabetes related this early on. I'm sure it's just a normal childhood stuff and she probably just needs glasses. :D She will be cute! Look forward to the update!

Rachel said...

Good luck. We just had Tristan's eyes checked too. His endocrinologist told us that he highly doubted that it would be diabetes related at this age. One thing that he wanted us to make sure when we took the appointment was to confirm that the eye doctor knew what to look for in a child with diabetes. Let us know how it goes! :)

Brenda said...

Hey Jill,
I wouldn't worry too much yet!!! She's still a little girl and her eyes are changing and growing simply because she's changing and growing. I was in glasses by the 6th grade with no health problems. When I was to see my eye doctor for my regular check-up recently, I questioned him about when I needed to bring in Ashlyn. He told me when her blood sugar levels were more stable, just to get a base to go on. He said typically you don't see eye problems early on unless you have just massive uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Maybe it's just because Kayleigh is growing.

Minnesota Nice said...

OK Mom. Take a chill pill. I am not trying to be flip because I would have those very same worries.
I agree that she probably just needs glasses.
That is one of the most flippin' freakin' things I hate about db - the fear that it causes - not only for the pwd, but for their friends and loved ones - like ripples going out from a stone tossed in water.

Amy said...

((HUGS)) I would be worrying,too...cause that's just what we do! :) I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Nicole said...

Good luck on Friday, I will be looking for your post to see the update. All the worrying and all the doctors appointments it just never ends!

Brenda said...

Oh YIKES!!! So sorry!! I meant KACEY not KAYLEIGH!!! My bad!!!