Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can Color Update

A few weeks ago, I posted about the color of the soda cans at Food Lion. My Mom had written a letter to Food Lion as a concerned customer over the fact that the color of the COLA vs. DIET COLA of the Food Lion brand soda were nearly impossible to tell the difference between unless you could read the label. I'd like to share the correspondence between them to show that one very small voice can make one huge change.

September 10, 2009
Dear Chris xxxxxxx (last name omitted for privacy):

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your recentexperience with Food Lion Cola and Diet Cola. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

At Cott, we are committed to producing premium quality products. It is our goal that every beverage leaving our facilities meets our rigidquality control standards. As such, your comments have been shared withthe appropriate department to ensure quality excellence and consumer satisfaction.

We would like to speak with you about your experience with our product. At your earliest convenience please call us at 1-888-260-3776.

Again, thank you for taking time to draw our attention to this matter. We trust that you will continue to be a valued customer.

Monique Hooker
Senior Consumer Affairs Specialist


Thank you for responding, I am unable to call at this time so I am responding via this message - I got a call from you/someone there but by the time I leave work it is after 4:30pm. This is basically the same response I was given weeks ago - I would just like to know what your intentions are concerning this matter - it is very evident that it has not been elevated to the appropriate authority because nothing has been done. Until you have been diabetic or have to deal with a diabetic, this incident would not matter. We have elevated this matter to the Diabetes Association and to the moms on the diabetic board. If you are not familiar with diabetes, go online and read about it and what happens when you get the WRONG drink and how life threatening this is. I would like a response because this is a matter that I will not drop. It is far more important than you can imagine.
Thank you.

(Go Mom!)


Thank you for your quick response. There are plans to redesign the FoodLion labels to make the regular and diet versions more distinctive. We very much appreciate the feedback and understand your concerns. Please note our labels do conform to FDA label regulations. All ingredients are listed in the ingredient listing and additionally, the front of the cans indicate "Cola" or "Diet Cola." The color of the cans is also a differing shade of blue. Again, please be assured I have shared your valuable feedback with our sales and marketing teams and they are taking steps to redesign the labels.

Thank you,
Monique Hooker

(Holy cow! Did that say REDESIGN?)



This is wonderful news and I am sure all other diabetics will agree -but even with the slight difference in color, for a child, they would see BLUE and pick up the can - and it could be that one time that could cause death. I didn't say that it didn't conform to the FDA regulations, I was just asking for someone to help in making a change to show a difference between COLA and DIET COLA. My daughter has a diabetes blog and all correspondence has been posted to be shared with the others. We will be watching for this change. I appreciate you taking time to respond and to know that what you are doing could save someones life.

Thank you


Ok, first of all, I'm so thankful that my Mom has taken this to the next level and pressed on with something she firmly believes in. She is so right when she says that the color of the can could be dangerous for a child that can't read. If I handed Kacey a blue can of soda, then if she wanted another one, she'd reach for that blue can knowing that it was "safe" to drink because thats what she had to start with. Scary thing is, if she didn't read the can, then her blood sugar would shoot to the moon.

Second, I'm glad that someone is listening to the customer. All to often, the customer's voice is shoved to the side with something like this. I'm thankful that Food Lion & Cott Beverages is listening to our voice. They know that a change needs to be made and I'm thrilled to watch this change happen. Why? Because we spoke up LOUD and clear!

Does it make me feel good? Sure it does! To know that my Mom will be the cause for the change in the can color. To know that my Mom spoke up and was an advocate for not only Kacey but all other diabetics out there. To know that a simple can color change could save a diabetic the hassle of the ER or save their life. It's VERY exciting!

For those of you that missed the original pics of the cans and post... CLICK HERE.

I'll keep you all updated and until then....don't ever be afraid to RAISE YOUR VOICE!

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Meri said...

A little annoying that they say they are two different shades of blue, because the hues are SO close!

Moms rock! Thank the lord for moms who fight for their families!

Thank your mother for all of us. She is a fighter, and we are thankful she is on our side!