Friday, August 7, 2009

More Nit-Picking

***McDonalds Update***
I got a call back from the owner of the McDonald's we visited. The lady was so nice and she expressed the concern for not only Kacey's safety but for all other diabetics that happen to come to the restaurant. She told me that she'd met with the manager that turned his back on me as well as the other employees. It turns out that before she owned these local McDonald's she was a pediatric nurse for 17 years so she understands my concern and upset. She explained the dangers to the staff and also posted my email (without my name, address & phone number) up on the board in the back where the staff can see it. She continued to apologize for everything that happened and assured me that it wouldn't happen again.

So yes, I forgave her but I'll still be very leary and cautious as we eat out.
Now for another surprising find. My Mom was out shopping for an upcoming cookout and picked up a few cases of soda, regular and diet. It was the Food Lion brand. When she got home, she took the sodas out and she was shocked at this find. To me, it looked as if I was looking at the same soda.....
But when she flipped them over, imagine my surprise!

Two cans, same color, same writing....and only "Diet" and a Splenda logo seperating the difference. Some of you may not find concern in this because you can read. But for me, yes my child can read, but if I gave her a blue can of soda to drink and she asked for another one and I told her to get one out of the you think she'd stop and read the can? Probably not! She'd grab a blue can and think it was diet because thats what she was drinking and what I gave her to start with. Scary! My Mom wrote Food Lion a letter and told them they might want to consider changing the can colors to distinguish the difference in "diet" and "regular" and told them about the dangers of diabetics and regular soda. (Go Nae!) So yeah, I guess I'm being nit-picky but this is something that just really scares me now.

Funny how something so simple could turn into something so dangerous! A year ago, I never would have given this a second look but when you know what could happen, you take every measure to protect your child. We'll see what Food Lion says ;) I'm interested to hear their response!


For those of you that don't know 6 more hours, my baby girl will be on a plane back home! She leaves Hawaii at 3pm. She is due to arrive home at 11am tomorrow. I'm SOOOOO happy she's coming home! I'll post more pics soon!


mom2wendy said...

It just seems that they can't get it right. Me too, a few years ago, I would never have given any of this a second thought. Diabetes changes everything. Glad your wee one is soon to be home.

Jennifer said...

How exciting that your daughter will be home soon! On the food & drink note....I totally agree with you & if we as parents don't nit pick these things, then our children would be in alot of danger. People who don't live with diabetes everyday have not idea what we go through to protect our kids. I try very hard to educate the people who will at some point be taking care of Courtney, but sometimes it just doesn't sink in at how important these things are!! Keep up the good work & remember we are all here for each other!!!!!!