Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kay's Home & Basal Changes


It's been a busy few days so I'm going to re-cap everything.

On Saturday morning, I got a call from Kayleigh at 5:20am to tell me she was in Atlanta. I was WIDE awake then and couldn't go back to sleep. She had a 4 hour layover in Atlanta. She was flying home by herself but we paid $100 extra to have the chaprone program through Delta. If anyone ever has to have kids fly alone....Go Delta! They were so good to her! From the time she boarded in Hawaii...then when she landed in Atlanta...to when she landed back home in Virginia. During her Atlanta layover, her gate changed 4 different times. It's a good thing we had the chaprone because they put her right on the plane and knew exactly where the plane was coming in. She had that 4 hour layover and she was held in a game room with a few other kids. She absolutely loved the chaprone she had in there. His name was Mr. JJ (Jimmy Johnson) and she ended up sharing her breakfast with him because she couldn't eat. He ended up calling my cell when she was on the plane because he thought she left her camera but he told me what a "delightful young lady" she was and that really made me feel good. Once they took her to her plane, she was the first to board (about 20min before the other passengers). She got to meet the pilot and co-pilot. Then while she was sitting in her seat waiting, the co-pilot walked over and asked her if she wanted to see the front of the plane? Thankfully Kayleigh took her camera and imagine her excitement when the pilot got up and told her she could sit in his seat and he'd take her picture!!!
She ended up calling me from the plane and she was so excited that I thought she was crying! Amazing! How many people can say they got to sit in the front of the plane they were getting ready to fly in? She was the only unaccompanied minor on the flight so she had the plane to herself during that time and got some pretty cool pics!

I arrived at the airport at 10am. I checked in with the front desk and got my security clearance pass. Then we sat and waited! Around 10:40am, I went on through security check and to her gate. It took me about 20min to get through all of that and once I was at the gate, I could see the runway. The excitement started to build then because I knew in 20min that she'd be touching down. I saw one of the Delta employees at the desk and I walked over to show him my ID and pass and told him Kayleigh was on that flight and asked where I went to pick her up? He chuckled and said "Right here!" So I could feel more excitement build. I walked back over to the window and about 5min later, his voice came over the speaker telling everyone that the flight was delayed til 11:49am. I started crying and he asked me if I was ok? LOL! Of course I am but my baby has been gone for 7 weeks and its been the LONGEST 7 weeks and you just delayed my baby being in my arms another 20min! He winked and told me he was sorry and everything was fine with the plane and for me not to worry. Then at 11:45am....THERE IT WAS.....her plane!!! I watched all the passengers unload and come out...still no Kayleigh....more people....still no Kayleigh...then the guy went down to the plane and I got really nervous. I knew she hadn't missed her flight because she called me from the plane! God I hope that was the right plane! Then my phone buzzed...."Hi Mom! I'm HERE!" OMG! OMG! OMG! Once all the passengers were off, then they brought her off. The guy peeked around the doorway and he smiled and she stepped out from behind him and said "Thats my MOMMMM!" and took off running to me *sob sob* There was no controlling the tears then! He asked me for my ID again and I had to sign for her. My hands were shaking so bad and I had to ask him twice where the line to sign was because the tears were blocking my view. I looked at her....hugged her again...kissed her forehead and looked at her some more. She laughed and said needed to pee! LOL! All the excitement ;) After a quick bathroom break, it was now time to go see everyone else waiting for her. All she kept saying was, "I wanna see my sister!" so as we got closer to be able to see them she got more excited. I took her stuff and told her to go! She took off running to Kacey, who was waiting for her with flowers and a balloon. My heart once again overfilled and I couldn't stop the tears as I watched my girls reunite. Next she hugged Daddy and then Nae, who were standing there with a Welcome Home banner. I couldn't tell you what was happening around us for about 5 min because we were so excited for her to be home. As soon as we got her bags and headed out to the car, I hear her say, "Mom, I'm hungry now!" LOL! She couldn't eat much because of nerves but now that she was home, she was ready to eat! My mom laughed and said, "Let's all go to Subway!" So we went and had lunch and listened to her tell us all about the flight home. I ate, I cried, I ate, I cried....I was just so happy to have my baby back. We came home, she unpacked and then our best friends came over to see her. She made herself stay up til 9pm but she was exhausted and went on to bed.

Sunday morning, we woke up and she was still a little jet lagged so we decided not to do church. We're going to wait til next week. Instead, we took a drive and then we went out to dinner later on....her fav place....Olive Garden.

Yesterday she was feeling a bit more like she was back on our time. We got up and went to get "back to school" haircuts. She cut about 6-7 inches off!!!! It's adorable and I'll have pics to show soon. Kacey just got hers trimmed up. We also went to visit some more friends of ours and then we had to make the trip over to Children's Hospital to pick up Kacey's school forms/medical care plan. When we got there, our CDE was just walking in as well and Kacey ran up to hug her. She asked us how things were going? Last week, we made some basal changes at her 10pm rate and 12am rate. She's still hitting the 200-280 range at night and when she wakes up. So while we were there, we adjusted basals again at the 4am time. Hopefully that will help things a bit and if not, then we need to go back to the 12am and 10pm one and up it some. So we updated her on things that have been going on....McDonald's scare, Cola can colors and some other stuff. She went and got our forms for us and I signed them and we were on our way home. Since we couldn't get the forms til 5pm, I knew Frankie would be getting off before I got home. He called me to let me know he was on his way home just as I got to the hospital. When we were done, I called him to tell him I was on my way home and I was rushing so I could get dinner going. He laughed and told me not to rush because he was heating leftovers. Ugh! I forgot he had dinner left from Olive Garden. So all I had to worry about was feeding the girls when we got home. Once I got home, I walked into a house with the music blasting! Where was Frankie? I walked in the kitchen. The dishes were washed but no Frankie! I walked into our room and there he stood, singing along to the stereo and folding laundry....LOL! He'd already had a shower, eaten, washed the dishes, folded laundry and asked me if there was anything else that needed to be done? Who was this man and what did he do with my husband? HAHA! The girls ate dinner and then we spent the evening in the living room together. Frankie & Kacey played the Wii and Kayleigh and I were on the computer and organizing scrapbook stuff for the upcoming All-Day Crop. We finally felt like our family was whole again!

What does today bring? Ummm....cleaning! We need to get the bathrooms cleaned and then we're done for the day. We're going to hang out at home today since we've been so busy the last few days.


LakeLady said...

So glad that she is home safe and that all is well. Now...forward with school.

Wendy said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm so happy she's home :) :) :) I just wanted to cry thinking about what you must have felt knowing she was so close, but not in your arms yet.

I can't wait to see pics...YIPPEEE!!!!!

Meri said...

The excitement of it all just jumped off the page!! I am so happy for your family. How lucky was she to sit in the captain's chair!

I love the Olive Garden too...I'm all about the soup! :)

Amy said...

So glad you have ALL your babies back in your nest! :)