Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's DONE!

Another rough day today.

Over the last few days, I've helped Frankie's Aunt pack up the house. Helping to go through Granny's things was one of the hardest things I've ever had to help with. I laughed, I cried and I got a few sentimental things that would have been tossed to the side. I was trying to think ahead and when I came across Granny's handkerchiefs, I thought it would be nice to get 2 of them. One for each girl. Why? So they already have their "something old" when they get married. I carried my grandmother's handkerchief when I got married and it came in handy! LOL...sweaty palms and tears!

Today we moved all of her stuff. Wow! That was a chore! Good thing is...the uhaul was rented and it only took 3 trips to get everything. I'll help her get everything unpacked next week.

In the middle of all of that, Kayleigh had a "date" lined up. Yep...her first date since she broke it off with her very first boyfriend back in the beginning of the year. She ended up getting in contact with a boy she was in kindergarten and 1st grade with. He moved at the end of 2nd grade and their paths haven't crossed since then. They found one another through Facebook while she was still in Hawaii and they've texted non-stop since then. Funny thing....Frankie and I both went to school with his parents! LOL! So we've known him since...uhhhh....yeah that would be ...birth! We know how he's been raised and he's a straight A Honor student. (**brag brag**) I'm glad she's finally moved forward and ready to begin "dating" again. They went to the movies and then the conversation came so easy for them that we all stood around talking afterward for about 20min. His Mom was so funny and said, "Who'd of thought that 9 years later they'd be going to the movies together....without US!" So that was definately a highlight in the day.

Now onto a Mommy vent...
Once we got back home, Kacey went on a drive with Frankie to take a hunting dog to a friend of his. While they were out, they stopped off at KFC. (Yikes! Can you feel the carb overload coming?) He called me and asked me how much to bolus for mac & cheese, tater wedges and a biscuit. Ummmm....hello?!?! I can't SEE how much she's eating so I don't know? He said she had about 10-11 tater wedges, small mac & cheese and a biscuit smaller than one from McD's. Great! Like that tells me anything! So he said Kacey figured 60g for the wedges, 45g for the mac & cheese and 15g for the biscuit. 120 carbs. Ok...I trust Kacey's "guessing" by now so we'll go with that but keep in mind, she's still going to go HIGH cuz she's on carb overload! He was a bit miffed with me and hung up. They got home around 8pm and I had her test...121. Not bad! "Wow Kacey! That was good guessing!" ......WAIT! She's still got over 6 active units on board. CRAP! She goes on to tell me... "Daddy said you told him I was going to go high so he took away 5 of the tater wedges and I told him I bolused already but he said well Mommy said you were going to go high if you ate them all." WHATTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?! Now the protective Mommy in me jumped him like a mad rooster. He said, "But you told me she was going to go high and I didn't realize she'd bolused already." Grrrrrrr! So I waited another hour....test....125. Mmmk. Let's not do anything and let this play out. Another hour passes...85. now it's after 10pm. She's complaining she's hungry but her tummy hurts too. Let's try 2 cheese sticks and see how that does. By 11pm, she's a 99. now she's going back up and has no insulin on board. She went on to bed and I went and got my my jammies on...11:30pm...and started to lay down when the "Mommy instinct" kicked in and I went in to test her one more time.....68!!! HOLY LOW NUMBERS BATMAN! Now thats a crash! She can't be sleeping with a number that low. I woke her up and she was still complaining of her tummy hurting. A few wheat thins later....she's gone back to sleep. So now...guess who will be up all night long testing blood sugars? Yup, Mommy! What ticks me off about this is the fact that Kacey probably would have nailed the right dose but instead it was sabbotaged and now the only one that suffers for it is her. Ok....LOL....I'll stop my ranting now :) I love my husband dearly...but after a year...C'MON! He should be able to guess the carbs in stuff like that ...and get pretty close!

Tomorrow brings more cleaning at Granny's to have it ready for the walk through and also some scrapbooking. God knows I need a little break!

I'd also like to express my sincere sympathy to The Turner family over at No Sugar Needed. Their beautiful dog, Buddy, was rushed to the ER vet this afternoon unexpectedly and later died during his surgery. Please keep the entire Turner family in your prayers as they deal with the loss of a loving pet. Sheri, Amber & Nikki....we love you and we're praying that you get through this difficult time. ((((HUGS)))) from Va!


Wendy said...

I've been thinking of you guys all week. A daunting task -- and so much emotion to face. I'm happy to hear things went smoothly.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

Geez, 6 active units...Addy has never had more than 3 units at once and that's for a HUGE carbfest. I hope everything went well. Keep up the great work!!!!!

You're a D-ROCKSTAR!!!!

Amy said...

You've been workin' away this week! My goodness! Good idea to get Granny's hankies--your girls will treasure them!

Do you guys have the Calorie King book that contains all the carb counts for restaurants? The other thing you can do is get online and find all the nutritional info from restaurants. A lot of places will even look up the info for you. I know McDonalds has all the info on their packaging- making it super easy.
Good job Jill! You DO rock! :)

LakeLady said...

I am glad this difficult task is behind you. Even though it floods you with feelings of grief, one day all you will remember is happy memories. Of this, I am an expert. My prayers go to your dear friends who lost their dog. My heart really feels for those who loose beloved pets. Pets are special angels from God to help ease the woes of life. I truly believe this.