Tuesday, July 28, 2009



It's something I looked forward to every summer. We didn't regularly attend a church as kids but we always got to go to Bible school at the local church.

When my girls were little, we had a church home. We went regularly. We LOVED it! Then something changed. The members changed. The pastor changed. Then the church name changed. I felt "lost" and as if I didn't belong anymore. I don't think it's anything anyone did. I just felt like that and I didn't have a "place" anymore. We eventually stopped going. My girls never really missed it because the church we went to only had about 5 kids (including my 2) every Sunday. Kayleigh was the oldest and Kacey was the youngest. They were never involved in a "Youth Group". So they didn't know what they were missing. But I did!

For some time now, we've been looking for another church home. I wanted a church that had a great youth group because I felt that was most important. I remember wanting so bad to be a part of a youth group when I was younger. I'd hear stories from friends about mission trips, get togethers and family picnics. Now that my girls are at the youth group age, it's something I'm really wanting for them.

I was invited by my friend, Lyn, to bring Kacey to Vacation Bible School this week at her church. I tossed the idea around and then presented it to Kacey. I figured it would be something to get her out of the house since Kayleigh is still in Hawaii. It would be some fun for her to make crafts and learn more about Jesus. Little did I know, it would have much more of an impact on us.

Yesterday I hung out in Kacey's class. My friend, Lyn, was teaching it and she knew Lyn but she still didn't want me to leave. It turns out, Lyn needed some help preparing more of the craft they were doing because she wasn't expecting to have 14 kids in the class. I hurriedly prepared enough for us to continue. (Hmmm, was there a reason I was needed?) Lyn introduced me to the Youth Pastor and his wife then she introduced me to the Pastor and as other teachers came around, I was introduced to them as well. Every single one of them welcomed me with open arms and I instantly felt comfortable! Something I haven't felt in church in a long time.

Today when we arrived at the church, I went into Kacey's classroom. From there we went to the sanctuary. As we were sitting in there, I was with Kacey's class and the Youth Pastor's wife tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I'd be interested in helping with one of the other classes. One of the other teachers was out and they needed another person. I knew Kacey was in good hands so I jumped at the chance to be with 1st-2nd graders! She introduced me to the other teacher and as I spoke with her, I found out that her son graduated a year before me and her daughter graduated a year behind me ....I knew them both! Kacey did just fine without me. She knew I was in the building and was comfortable with that. While I was in the other room, the Youth Pastor came in and told me how thankful he was that I was willing to help out. That REALLY made me feel good! Then when we went back to the sanctuary for music time, the Pastor was in there. I was taking pictures of my other friend's daughter and he asked me if I had another child in that class? I told him no I was just helping out. He gave me a pat on the back and thanked me. He then began asking me where we were from, did we have a church and invited us to come on Sunday. I've just felt so welcomed and everyone is SO nice! So, is there a reason I was meant to stay there? Does God have a plan for me to get to know everyone? All I can say is...It's only Day 2 and Kacey and I are BOTH ready to go back! They have a family picnic on Friday and Frankie is off that day so I want him to go with us so he can meet them and see if he gets the same good vibes I have. I'd love to go on Sunday and see how the service is :)


Wendy said...

YIPEE!!!!!! I'm so happy for your guys.

Hey, before school starts, you and Kacey should come for a visit and we can go to church while you're here :)

(I'm only half kidding, you know)

Jill said...

LOL @ "half kidding"! OMG You know if we lived closer then I'd have already been at church with you all :) Haha!

Cara said...

I'm glad you are getting a good feeling. Keep praying and see what God has in store. :)

Amy said...

Very cool! I'm excited for you guys!