Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fast Week

Wow! This has been the fastest week. I can't believe VBS is ending tomorrow! :( Kacey and I have had such a wonderful time getting to know everyone and learning about the Lord. I've got so many great pics to share.

I also took time the last two days to start organizing pictures from the last 15 years. I was going to buy photo boxes but when I saw they were $20 each and they'd only fit a year worth of pics then I knew we had a problem! I got some boxes with lids and I pulled out the HUGE rubbermaid tote and 3 boxes of pictures. I layed out piles.... 15 years ....all in the middle of my living room floor. As I strolled down Memory Lane, I laughed, I cried, I sighed and I also felt very thankful. Thankful because I had the pictures to remind me of so many times in my life that I'd filed away in the back of my head. I found funny pictures of the girls. I found tons of pictures of Frankie's Granny too. Pictures of her kissing Kacey and rocking her as a baby. Christmas pictures of the girls hugging her. So many that I'd forgot all about. I started setting those in a pile alone. I've decided to put those into a seperate scrapbook for Frankie. He doesn't know I'm making it for him and I think it will be something nice for him to pick up and look at when he's having those "miss her" days. I also found pics from when Frankie and I were dating. Again, I got giggles seeing how "in love" we were. Not that we still aren't but it's a different kind of love than we had back then. I told him we need to take more "fun" pics like those *wink* Anyway, it's taken me 2 days to organize the pictures by year. Now I'm going to take each year and organize them by month so I can do yearly scrapbooks for them. I've got lots of work ahead of me! I figure it will take me several "All-day" scrapbook events to get through them but once they are done, it will be nice to pull out each year and look back.

We've figured out that the raise in Kacey's sugars on the 3rd day had to be from bad insulin in her pump. Her numbers yesterday came back down into range and her numbers today have been AMAZING! They bounced from low 80's to 130's. Once Frankie came home from work today, she was telling him all about Bible school and what she'd learned and he said "Well I think we should go celebrate a bit with ICE CREAM!" So we took her to the ice cream shop. Last time we'd bolused 70g and so we stuck with doing that this time. She's 2hrs in ..... 100 mg/dl!! I'm not too comfy with her going to bed at that number but I'll be up for a little while so I'll retest her in 2 hours to make sure she's not dropping.

Tomorrow is the last day of Bible school and also the family picnic. Frankie is off and he'll be able to go with us. I'm excited for him to meet everyone and see the church and see what feeling he gets. I'm hoping it's the same feelings Kacey and I have had all week. She asked to go to church on Sunday! :) I'm excited about it!

I'll share pics tomorrow after the picnic!


Nicole said...

Reading your blog made me want to go through all my old pictures. What wonderful memories a picture holds!

Amy said...

Awhaha!! You've got my mind spinning about those "fun" pictures!! :) haha! You're so funny! I have some organizing of pictures to do myself- maybe a good project for a long winter! Awesome about Kacey's numbers- makes a mom feel so much better, doesn't it?

Wendy said...

YIKES!!! The picture pile is out of control over here ;)

I can't wait to hear about the picnic...and Sunday...