Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm finally starting to feel like myself again :) I was really miserable yesterday and the day before. My throat was swollen, sore and I could barely swallow. My foot has ached like a toothache and those of you that have had a toothache know that it is NOT a good feeling! Today was a better day though.

My throat isn't swollen anymore and the antibiotics have kicked in and they are doing their job. As for my foot, well thats another story! I called the doctor's office at 9am for my results on my xrays yesterday. The results revealed no fracture in the area he thought there was one. Mmmkay? So how about anywhere else? Well we don't know because the xrays were only of the area he thought there was a break! GOOD GRIEF! So I asked the nurse what I was sopposed to do and she said the doctor just said it should get better with time and take Motrin for pain. this is a problem! Get better with time? At this point, I was in so much pain. You know the pain that makes you sick at your stomach and you feel like you could throw up? Yeah thats the pain! I kept my foot up and the pain had gotten so bad that I ended up taking a percoset that I had from a female surgery last year. I can normally tolerate pain...had a baby with no pain meds...knee surgery and female surgery and was off the pain pills in 2-3 days but THIS is a pain that really makes me think something else is wrong. By 1pm yesterday, I was in tears because I could barely walk and when I did the pains shot across my foot. So I called the doctor back and I'm crying on the phone with the nurse trying to tell her what's going on. So she tells me she will have the doctor call me back. By 4pm, I'm at the point of throwing up again from the pain and I call the doctor back. The nurse explains she can call in Motrin 800mg. Ummm....I've been taking FOUR 250mg Motrin at one time and it's not touching the pain! So they call me in something stronger and I'm now being referred to an orthopedic doctor. Thank goodness! She calls me back with a date....JUNE 4th. Huh?!?!?! I can't be seen til June 4th?!?! Thats insane! So for now I have to take the pain meds and try and stay off of it as much as possible (yeah right!) I called the ortho doctor's office today and asked them if they had a cancellation list? Nope! So she told me I could call each day and see if they had anyone cancel but normally they are booked. Great! Ugh! I picked up my pain meds today and they seem to take the edge off the pain and they aren't making me feel so loopy like that percoset did. This just sucks!

Happy to report Kacey's numbers are staying in range and she's feeling wonderful :) She took her Math SOL yesterday and she said she thinks she did good and I'm so pleased with how well testing is going for her. They have 2 more SOLs next week and then they are done! Kayleigh finished her last SOL yesterday and she didn't have to go to school today so she hung out with me all day.


Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Hope the doc can get you in sooner!! Glad they called in something stronger for ya. No fun!!

Wendy said...

OH GEEZ!!!!!!

I really hope you're feeling better. I'm so sorry this is happening.

What a way to spend a long weekend!