Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was tagged by Shamae & Rachel for this one :) so here goes....

8 Things I'm looking forward to.....
1. SUMMER! (less than a month til school is out!)
2. Frankie's hours picking up
3. Going to NC this summer to relax
4. Cleaning my house
5. All my flowers blooming
6. Getting a full night sleep
7. All day Scrapbook event next Saturday
8. Ultimately my final thing is A CURE!

8 Things I Did Yesterday......
1. Helped tutor a little boy in 1st grade
2. Got a call for Kacey to speak with JDRF when they go meet Glenn Nye
3. Taught 1st grade the 2nd half of the day
4. Walked around the yard before the storm rolled in to see what was blooming
5. Sat on the porch and talked with Frankie
6. Helped Kacey with her homework
7. Fell asleep at 8:30pm and missed all of American Idol (woke up as Allison was leaving...LOL)
8. Updated my blog

8 Things I Wish I could Do.....
1. Go to Hawaii this summer
2. Sleep all night
3. Lose this dang weight
4. Sit all day and do nothing (altho I'd prolly go bonkers...haha!)
5. Take the girls to Disney
6. Go to the event with JDRF on Friday
7. Control Kacey's pancreas completely
8. Find that Cure!

8 Shows I Watch.....
1. American Idol
2. Law & Order
3. CSI
4. Biggest Loser
5. Hell's Kitchen
6. House
7. Days of Our Lives
8. anything on late night when I cant sleep

8 People I Want To Read 8 Things About.....
1--Wendy (Candy Hearts)
2--Sheri (No Sugar Needed)
3--Cara (Every Day...)
4--Penny (My Son Has Diabetes)
5--Kelly (Chasing Numbers)
6--Karen (Bitter Sweet)
7--Amy (Mom of a Diabetic Princess)
8--Anyone else that wants to share this :D
(I tried not to tag ones Rachel & Shamae already got!)

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Karen said...

Fun meme. And thanks for tagging me - I was about to run out of meme's for Meme Monday. :)