Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Miley!

Not long ago, my fat cat Henry passed away. Our family was pretty shaken from his loss and I kept reminding the girls that we still had Miley outside. She was our indoor cat until about a month before Henry died and for some reason she started "acting out" and she was destroying things in the house and attacking Kayleigh for no reason at all. We made the tough decision to let Miley stay outside. She really enjoyed the outside and was always hanging around with Henry. It wasn't long before she was following in Henry's footsteps and bringing us "presents" (mice, birds and even a baby rabbit...ugh!) I didn't discourage her because we live on 5 acres and there are field all around us so mice can be a terrible problem and I like having a "mousetrap" that I don't have to set...haha! She's adjusted well to being outside, put on weight and is always on the porch to greet us when the car pulls up. So when Henry died, Miley grieved with us. She lost some weight and walked around the yard with this "lost" look on her cute little face.

A few weeks ago, I noticed she had made peace with Kayleigh and she was being more lovable than she'd ever been. I'd even found her curled up beside Kayleigh on the porch as she listened to her iPod. I figured I'd made a great decision and it was working out for the best. I noticed that she'd finally put some weight back on and she was running around like a crazy kitty. About 3 weeks ago, I told Frankie that I thought maybe she had worms because her belly looked a little "bloated". Being outside, I figured her chances for worms were much greater so we wormed her. Then I noticed her belly wasn't shrinking and Frankie said, "You don't think shes..." NOOOO! She can't be! Henry was fixed! Ummmm wait....the lady that I got him from told me he was fixed but was he really? So then about a week ago, Miley was just laying around on the deck and not going very far for anything. She was wanting to be loved on and meowed more than usual. It wasn't until she decided to laying on her back with all fours in the air that I noticed ....holybigboobiesbatman! Ummmm yeah I think we have a problem here! LOL! Now it was just a waiting game!
Yesterday when I came home from work, there in Miley's barrel (she's got a big plastic barrel we made for her to sleep in with an old comforter and pillow for her to lay on) were her and 4 KITTENS! I was suddenly overwhelmed and sat down in the deck and sobbed. Two of them were identical to her and the other two.... the colors of Henry! Could it be? We'll never know but my girls cried right along with me as they told Miley that Henry would be so proud of them! This was about 5pm and I went back to check on her around 7pm and she was laying there feeding them so I didn't disturb her. I went out to check on her this morning.....1, 2, 3, 4, .....5! WHAT?!?! She'd had one more kitten last night. It's been very warm here the last few days and so she decided to move them. Where? Ahhhh yes...right under the bush in my freshly mulched flower bed....haha! Mom & babies are doing well though!
Happy Mother's Day Miley!


Wendy said...


I totally LOVE this post :) You just made me a good way, of course ;)

They're so CUTE!!!! Really makes me miss my kitty, Anna. Please post pics often and keep us updated on how everyone is doing.

God bless you're new adventure!!!

Jennifer said...

AAAWWW!! I just love baby kittens! They are so precious. Both of my female cats had a litter of kitten back in 2007. I have since gotten them fixed, but now I wish I wouldn't have !! So Sweet!!

Rachel said...

Great pics Jill!!! I remember when my cat had kitten!! I can't wait to see more pictures of them! :)