Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Milestones

It was time for site change this morning and Kacey has shown interest lately wanting to do everything herself except putting her site in. She watches me fill her cartridge and fill the tubing and this morning she asked to try. What could it hurt, right? So I let her fill her own cartridge and tubing. She always takes her old site out herself. I put her new site in and she filled her cannula and set the reminder. I couldn't wipe the smile off her face! She felt like she'd really done something. She was so proud of herself. I really never expected her to be doing all of this already but she wants to know how to care for herself so I'm not going to stop her.

News on me....I got a call from my PCP's office yesterday and they asked me to come in this morning to have some blood work done. HUH?!? They sent my strep culture off and got the results back. Positive for strep...duh! I told the nurse that my tonsils were still swollen and I still had some white spots. She said well thats why I'm calling...we think you may have Mono after all because it wasn't strep A! HOLY CRAP!! Mmmk, so this means I've exposed my diabetic child to Mono. Uhhh scary! Thankfully I've been very cautious about washing my hands and I've drank out of the same cup and eaten off paper plates because I knew she could get strep if I wasn't careful. So I went in this morning and they will have the results back tomorrow or Friday. Theres not really much I can do, other than what I've already been doing. As for my's fractured! I'm in a walking boot to my knee and still in pain. The doc was originally going to put me in an air cast but since I'm on my feet a lot, he decided to go with the walking boot instead. The only bad's my driving foot! So if I want to drive then I have to remove the boot. Thankfully, since it's been 12 days already, it's starting to heal on it's own. He said he'd like me in the boot for 6wks but if it starts to feel better before then, which he thinks it will, then I can take it off in 4wks. I have to have it re-xrayed in 6wks if it's not feeling better.


Amy said...

Oh Jill!!! Wow! I'm so sorry about the possible mono and your foot! I'm sure Kacey will be fine and IF she does get sick- you'll do a great job taking care of her!
That's awesome she's becoming more independent and learning how to do the "pump stuff"! That's our goal- to raise these kids to know how to take care of themselves and live healthy lives!
I am praying for you! No kissing Frankie (haha- you know- mono is the "kissing disease!")!!

Kerri. said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, Jill.

And that's great that Kacey is learning how to work with her pump even more now! :D

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go Kacey! That's fantastic. :-)

Major suckage on all of the extra crap you're dealing with Jill! I hope you're back up and at 100% quickly!

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Sorry about the sicky bug you are dealing with!! I have always been of the opinion that moms shouldn't get sick. ha ha ha Seriously though, I hope you are feeling better soon!!

Kacy! Way to go!! You are learning so quick!! You are awesome!

Wendy said...

Smooches! Mono...not to laugh... but, come's not funny at all. I know. (giggle -- but only because you're feeling better!!!)

Good Job, Kacey!!!

Jill said...

LOL @ some of you giggling!
When Kayleigh was in 6th grade, she got mono and we all managed to keep from getting it. What I never knew was once you get it, the virus stays in your body and you're immune to it but you can still spread it when you get sick. (Scary!) Just about 3 weeks ago, Kayleigh had a cold and I was treating her with OTC Triaminic. The nurse told me that all I had to do was be near her when she sneezed or coughed, pick up tissues she'd used and then touched my face or drank after her and I could have picked it up. UGH!

New rule in our house....everyone has their OWN drink and NO drinking after each other.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm on complete rest for the rest of the week! OK...well maybe not complete...but I'm resting more than normal ;)