Monday, May 11, 2009

Diabetes Report Card

The results are in..... Kacey's A1c is..... 7.2!!!
I was completely shocked when she told us. Even though Kacey has some pretty high numbers lately, she still managed to drop ONE full point! She even wrote "Keep up the good work!" at the top of our paper. That made me feel so good :) As her Mom, I work so hard to try and take complete control over her diabetes and when this number is revealed it can make or break you as a parent. Even though we all try not to let it bother us, it does! I was thrilled that we'd managed to drop her one full point with the transition from shots to the pump.
We had a few more "firsts" today.

We met up with Kacey's CDE before the appointment. She brought along some different infusion sets for us to try, the Inset-30 and the Contact Detach. Kacey got all giddy when she saw the Inset-30 because it was pink! After being shown how it worked, I did the first automatic inserter set on Kacey. I was so nervous but it went in very smooth and she immediately smiled so that meant it was a good site. I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with the automatic inserter. After doing the manual ones for the last 2 months, it threw me out of my comfort zone!

Kacey and Herbie also met "Dexter" the Dexcom today!! I wasn't expecting it to be as big as it is. After some brief training, Kacey caught on very quickly with navigating the screens. Then it was sensor time! She'd been very nervous up until now and I was waiting for those tears to start falling. Our CDE asked her where she wanted the sensor put? Her belly? Her hip? Her arm? Ummm arm?!?! OK, we've done the belly sites and the hip sites but we've never even attempted anything on her arm. With a smile, Kacey replies "I think we can try my arm". YIKES!! By now, my stomach was feeling queezy for her...LOL! Anddddddddd..... SHE DID IT!!!!!! She put the sensor on the back of her arm! I'm soooo thrilled that she was brave enough to try it. She didn't even know it went in :)

We're still so new to all of this CGMS though. She's had the ???'s pop up twice and I'm still unsure why? She has it clipped to her belt on the opposite side from her pump. I also called around to every local pharmacy looking for the Skin Tac or Mastisol and no one carries it. Any other recommendations on how to keep the sensor stuck? It's started to lift a little around the edges already and it hasn't even been 6 hours! We're spose to keep this thing on for 7 days and I don't know how to keep it stuck unless I use medical tape (which is what I might have to do!). Other than the few bumps in getting things started, she's loving the idea that she can look down and see her BG. I wasn't too sure she'd like having something else clipped to her but she hasn't minded it one bit! She came in about an hour ago and told me she didn't want next Monday to come. I asked her why? She said because she didn't want to send "Dexter" back. **sigh** She told me she felt "safe" with him and Herbie. It breaks my heart to know that she feels she needs medical devices to be "safe". I know it's a comfort to her to be able to look down at a device and see what her blood sugar is whenever she wants without having to prick her finger. It just makes me sad.

I've been more emotional than usual this afternoon. Not sure what's going on? I'm thinking it's the aftermath of the stress I was feeling prior to Kacey's appointment. I get so worked up and then to find out that I'm actually doing a good job just put me in an emotional spiral. I'm sad because I have to watch my baby play while sporting the "Inspector Gadget" belt. I can tell she's not bothered by it and she's moved on like it's "normal", which is wonderful but it's still heartbreaking. I know I shouldn't feel sorry for her but I'm her Mom and I'm allowed to feel like that. Don't get me wrong....I'd rather see her sporting all her gadgets over taking 8 shots a day!!! I'm so thankful we have Herbie :)


Amy said...

WOW!!!!! CONGRATS KACEY and JILL!!!! I'm doing a little diabetes happy dance for you!! Awesome A1C!!! Good Job!

Kelly said...

YAY! Good job Mom! I think its hard to see all those gadgets, no matter how much we are thankful for them! ((HUGS))

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

We are doing the happy A1C dance too!! Great number!!! As for is quite different than the MM one so I don't have any advice. Yours looks bigger than Syd's. With hers we just use tegaderm tape to keep it on without any problems. How big is the dexcom needle? Anyway great job today!!

Jill said...

Thank youuuuuuu Amy & Kelly!!! :D

Shamae~ The Dexcom needle wasn't as big as the needle in the Comfort Short infusion set. Kacey never even felt it go in. She heard the click and was waiting for the pain and had NONE! It's much bigger than I expected it to be. I was thinking it would fit in a pump pouch and its almost double the size of Herbie. But she's not minding it at all! It's clipped on her belt and she's gone about her merry way :D

Rachel said...

Wonderful A1C guys. Congratulations to both of you!!! I'm glad that Kacey was brave enough to try her arm. Good for her! :)

You are both doing a fabulous job. It's great to see a good number when you work so hard to get things under control. It's almost like somebody slapped you in the back and said good job! It's very rewarding!

Keep it up and please keep us updated on her progress with Dexcom.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the awesome A1C!!! I have a Dex a continuous glucose monitor??? I've been reading alot of blogs lately & I see alot of children who have them. When I asked Courtney's endo about it she said they don't recommend them for kids. Did you get this from the endo too? Or were they all for it? I'm really hoping I can push for her to get one. I'm just curious if it just depends on the doctor.

Jill said...

Thanks Rachel & Scott!! :)

Jennifer~ The Dexcom is the CGMS. Personally, I was shocked by the size of it. It's nearly as big as Kacey's Nintendo DS and having that strapped to the front of her along with her pump seems like a bit much. It's not bothering her but it's just so damn big! It seems like a good CGMS but the size just bugs me. The sensor on her arm is really nice though :) It's flat and not much bigger than a quarter. Our CDE actually recommended it to us and her Endo approved it. They were very supportive about putting her on it and it was suggested to us by them since we were having some crazy highs during the school day that we couldn't seem to figure out with fingersticks alone. It's only a 7 day trial, not ours to keep but we didn't have to pay anything for her to be put on it (which is nice) and we're hoping to be able to take this week of numbers and see where adjustments to her pump can be made. Kacey's gotten very attached to "Dexter" though and I'm dreading the seperation next Monday!

:) Tracie said...

Jill, go to

you can buy a whole bottle of Skin Tac instead of the wipes and even use a Q-tip to go around the edges for when they get loose.

Very proud of that A1C!!!! Keep up the great work mama!

Jill said...

Thanks Tracie!! :)

armouris said...

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