Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Numbers

We've had a very relaxing weekend and with that came some great numbers and some lows.

Sat- 134, 144, 145, 125, 75, 73, 98, 109, 88
The 75 and 73 she had made her very sweaty and she had dizzy spells. The feeling dizzy is what caused her to check and see if she was low.

Sun- 105, 135, 140, 53 (287 after 15min and 3 glucose tabs), 91, 161, 116, 182
The 53 that she has made her dizzy and she got very tired. She was out riding her bike and she felt dizzy and asked Kayleigh to help her in the house. She got the scared feeling and ended up eating 3 glucose tabs instead of 2. She bumped up to the 287 but quickly fell back to a 91 within the hour. Shes been in a great mood all day and that really makes things easy on all of us.

It's back to school tomorrow and with that comes the highs again. I've already emailed her logbook to her CDE so hopefully she'll take a look at those numbers and we can make some basal adjustments for the time she is at school. This is the first time I've used the Cozmo software for her logbook and it's wayyyyyyy cool! I got a little slack the last 2 days with logging because I knew I was going to try the logbook. The only hard part is getting used to viewing it backwards from the way I've been logging it the last 9 months. I ended up transferring all the numbers to one of the logsheets I've been using so I could see her numbers better. This also helps me when I'm circling the high's in red and highlighting the lows. It is one page vs. six pages. It's a great program though :) The best part about all of calculator!!

My meeting is tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous. Not sure why? I'll update once I get home :)

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Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Her weekend numbers look great! Hope she has had a good day at school!