Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Day....Finally!

Today was a good day for Kacey. She woke up with a 164 and a smile. She knew I would be helping out at school today so if she had anymore pump problems then she knew where to find me. Snacktime she was a 163...woohooo one point lower than waking up. I surprised her and met her in the cafeteria for lunch. She came running up and gave me a big bear hug and she had this smile that couldn't be wiped off her face. She looks at me grinning and says "Mommy my blood sugar was 135 and I'm SOOOOO happy!" Ahhhhhhhhhh :) We celebrated for a few minutes and her teacher walked by and said "I think it's because it's Friday!" LOL! Kacey ate her lunch and since she was having such a great day and she was feeling so good...we celebrated with an ice cream cup. Something she hasn't been able to buy at school since last year. I got her ice cream for her and she pulled her pump out with a smile and said "Mommy, I love Herbie so much!" I knew exactly what she was trying to say. Life before Herbie involved getting an additional shot if she wanted ice cream after lunch. She used to pass on the ice cream to keep from getting that shot. But not today...she had great numbers and she could pull Herbie out and dose herself. So then she looks over at me and says "Mom? You think about 18 carbs?" I smiled because she'd already been thinking about how many carbs were in what she was about to eat. "Ya know, let's do 20 carbs since it has the fudge ripples in it." We shared a high-five and I watched my little girl chat away with her friends as she ate her ice cream. One of the other little girls looked at Kacey with her mouth open wide and shockingly said "Oh my! Kacey are you spose to eat that?" Kacey looked at me and then she looked back at the little girl and she said "Yep I got my insulin for it!" ****proud Mommy moment**** The little girl smiled and then she hugged Kacey and said "I'm so happy you can have ice cream now!" ( she could never have it before!) It was a cute moment shared by her friends that were "looking out for her". Sooooooo two hours post lunch blood sugar.... (holds breath) .... 170!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO! We bolused right! When we came home, she told me she didn't feel too good. Uhoh! ***test*** 219! Hahaha dang it! I can't win here. So she said she wanted to go ride her bike. Good :D because when she came in for dinner about 30min later, she was an 80. While she was eating, I asked her how her day went? She told me that she was really happy her blood sugars were in range and her tummy didn't hurt. She went on to talk about what she learned and then she had a twinkle in her eyes as she said "My brain wasn't cloudy today and I learned alot!" I hugged her and I told her I was glad she didn't have those clouds. She's gone back outside to play with her sister.

Let's hope this is a great start for the weekend!

Meeting on Monday :)


Amy said...

What a great way for Kacey (and you) to end the week and start the weekend!!! Jill- I can only imagine how proud you are of her in the way she handles herself when questions arise! You know- she's learned that from you! Way to go mom!

Kelly said...

YAY! These are the BEST days. The simple days we all miss so much! Good guess on the carbs mom!

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

That's great!! Gotta love the good days!! She is very independent with her diabetes management and that is something to be proud of!

Wendy said...

That brought a **twinkle tear** to my eye...what a glorious day :)

k2 said...

What a wonderful day!!!!!!
I'm so happy for your both - and Herbie of course ;) She is owning her diabetes and learning so much about everything life has to offer!

Anonymous said...

Sending hugs your way - been thinking about you all - Nikki had a pretty bad low at school today but they all (especially Nikki) handled like pros and then called me - that still freaks me out a little, but I'm so proud at how she does and how they take care of her -

Kacey your Kentucky Gang is so proud of you!

Karen said...

I find that the fat in ice cream really throws my dosage off - actually, it throws the timing off. Usually, I bolus about 20 mins before I eat. But with ice cream, I've found it works better to eat it first, and then bolus. That can help me avoid the big spike hours later. Thought you might want to give delaying the bolus for ice cream a try. :)

Jill said...

Thanks so much everyone :) It's the support from you all that keeps me going!!

Thanks for the tip Karen ;) We'll try that next time and see if it works for her!