Friday, April 24, 2009

School Spirit Low

Paw Pride (clap, clap clap)
Paw Pride (clap, clap, clap)
Paw Pride (clap, clap, clap)
We've got Paw Pride! (scream & clap)
(Kacey's school cheer)

School cheers and spirit assemblies bring back such wonderful memories for me. This afternoon, I had the chance to participate in the assembly as a teacher, not just a parent. I taught 1st grade today and we had so much fun. The kids were wonderful and they got all their work done (and then some!) We were already seated in the auditorium when Kacey's class came in. She waved and then sat down. I had no idea what her blood sugar was but I figured with all the excitement she was hovering high....WRONG! When everything was over, I went to get her and she sat down on the bench by the main office with this exhausted look on her face. "Kacey? Whats wrong?" She went on to tell me that she tested before they went in the assembly and she was an 80. She felt low during the assembly and she tested again and she was a 91. I took her hand and started walking to the car with her. She was dragging her feet and said she felt much lower than Herbie said she was. When we got to the car, I had her test again. She looks at me with a grumpy look and says "Herbie says I'm 85 but I feel lower Mom! I think Herbie is wrong this time." ***pause*** Ok, so could Herbie be wrong? Let's take Pink Flash out and see what she says? (Pink Flash is the extra Freestyle Flash meter she carries in her purse that has a pink skin) She tests with Pink Flash and she looks at me and says "I told you Herbie was wrong! Pink Flash says I am a 79!" So she has a snack to hold her over til we get home. Wow! I trusted Herbie to be dead on and he's off today. With this low came complete exhaustion and very tired. No sweats or shakies but she's got the urge to sleep. She's resting quietly in her bed with a movie for now.

I also have the date for my meeting set up. We will meet on May 7th at 2:30pm and the EC will be at the meeting :) I'll keep you all posted and help as much as I can with giving you info on what to include in your 504's.

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