Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kacey Starts a Trend

Nope....not a trend in sugars this time! She's started a fashion trend at school :)

I've posted about her purse she carries and I've shared pics of this cute little polka dotted diabetes purse. Her teacher informed me that Kacey has started a trend in the classroom and a couple of the other girls in class have started bringing the same kind of across-the-shoulder purses. LOL! I asked Kacey about it this evening and she said the girls think it's cool that she carries a purse around school and so they brought theirs to school too.

So what exactly were in their purses?

Kacey's contains diabetes supplies.
Girl #1~ tissues and bandaids (just in case Kacey's finger bleeds too much)
Girl #2~ Lip gloss, tissues and a mirror

Both of these girls are Kacey's friends, one closer than the other. I thought it was really neat how they started doing this without anyone telling them to. Once again, it's proof that even if you feel like the "oddball", it only takes one person (in this case, two) to make you feel like you aren't so odd! And also proof that one "oddball" can start a trend and not even know they're doing it :)


Jennifer said...

Awww...that is so cute. I love that purse by the way. I'm a purse junkie.

Thanks for the comment on my exhaustion post. I've been told that once we start pumping I will be getting up during the night all the time. I don't mind it, I just can't get back to sleep after that. So then I'm up at 2am & by noon I want to go to bed for the rest of the afternoon. It is just taking some getting used to!! I noticed in your profile you have scrapbooking listed as one of your interests. Do you scrapbook alot?

Jill said...

I'm the same way...I get up at 2am and then it takes me a good hour or two to go back to sleep and then my alarm goes off at 6am to get the girls up for school. But yeah, we used to sleep all night when she was on shots and then when she was sick or she was running low, we would do middle of the night checks. But's every single night! And just about every night, she tests at 8pm and I test her at 11pm before I go to bed, just to put my mind at ease that her numbers are ok. Then test again at 2am...then again when she wakes at 6am.

I DOOOOO love scrapbooking! It has been put on the back burner for the last 9 months though. I never seem to have the time. I was just invited to an all day scrap with a bunch of my girlfriends and it's on a Sat and it's only $25. Well...I'm taking a "Mommy Day" and I'm leaving the girls to go. It's much needed time away and it will give me a chance to start a new scrapbook. A friend of mine is a CM consulant and she is giving me a 12x12 album that I'm starting at the party :) So I'm slowly diving back into it!

My blog took over my time for scrapping and I focus so much on journaling here. My goal is to take my 2008 blog and get it printed and bound (topic for my next post). I've already got it in Word in order and spell checked. I just have to get it printed out and then find a place that will bind it in hardcover for me. I intend on doing that every year :)

Lee Ann Thill said...

That's cool. I bet it makes Kasey feel good too. I had the opposite experience when I was in 3rd grade and became the first girl to carry a purse (it held my morning snack since this was the days of beef/pork Reg & NPH). People made fun of me. Of course, this was almost 30 years ago, and it seems like girls today are interested in fashion accessories at younger ages. It's great that she's seeing her peers follow in her lead though - what a confidence boost! I bet it's something she'll remember just like I remember my early purse experience, but luckily, her memories will be favorable.

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Way to go kacey!! Cute and Classy!!

Jill & Jennifer--We get up every night with Syd too esp with the pump. I think it cause they are getting insuling ever hour with the pump and you just aren't sure what is going on and they are sleeping so they cant' tell if they are low. Ex: 2 nights ago we checked Syd at 3 a.m. and she was 43. We have her juice but obviously you have to wait that one out cause it is pretty low. My hubby told me to go back to bed cause he knows how exhausted I've been. He stayed up, checking her every 15 minutes, until she was 120. My love of the pump is bitter sweet. lol

Cara said...

Kids can be very cruel...but they can also be very, very understanding.
I'm glad she has people to make her not feel so alone. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

How sweet is that! Kacey is just BEAMING!